06/12/17 | Lauren
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One of their favourites!

I usually get these when I place an order as all three of my dogs love them! Definitely one of their favourites!
11/03/16 | Karen Emery
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Happy dog and happy cat

Both my dog and cat absolutely love these, and will go mad to try and get them out of my pocket. I love the fact you can break them into any size piece, makes them great for training.
20/01/15 | Alison Needham
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Rocco BBQ Sticks

Not only do my two labradors adore these treats, but so does everybody else's dogs that we walk with. Apparently, for the dogs they are the treat of choice over everything else!!! They smell very strong and that is what attracts all the other dogs, although they do all behave for it. Cheaper to buy in the nine saver pack.
16/11/14 | Roger Marriott
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Great value treat!

To be honest, I first bought these to make up the price to get free delivery (in effect I got them for nothing) but I'm really glad that I did. My cocker pup is not usually motivated by treats and this makes training her more difficult, however these sticks drive her mad. I only need to bring a wrapped stick out and she gets very excited. I chop them up into small pieces and use them whilst training.
21/09/14 | Jane
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Tasty snack

Our dog may loved these treats. When we have been to the park many dogs have come up to my bag and sniffed them out. Have given then a little taste with permission from the owner and mentioned what they are. And that you can buy them from zoo plus.
21/06/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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succulent snack

Our dogs love this treat, like dried ham, easy to eat as it's quite soft...
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every dog likes these

We have Havanese, which are what they eat often very picky about what they eat ..... but the Rocco strips always go down well. great product.
18/07/13 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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I'm always looking out for new treats for my boys, tried this one out - duck flavour, 9x4 - and it was a real success! My dogs loved it, it's not too expensive and the individually wrapped snacks are handy. I'm buying this again!
15/04/13 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Super treats

Since I've been taking these dog treats out on walks, my dog's started coming back to me as soon as I whistle for him, and he's so happy to get a reward. These make a great dog-training accessory :-)
07/02/13 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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My Beauceron's treat of choice

I have a 12 year-old female Beauceron and she loves these rocco sticks. They are her favourite treat, along with the Dibo premium snacks (I alternate the two). She's difficult to cater for and these treats are the only ones she'll eat. SHe also gets eczema, so I have to watch what I give her. The really fatty snacks are out, but this is perfect and she tolerates them very well.