09/02/18 | Edwige Gauthier-Wyer

My 6 year old toy Yorkie will not eat any other treat. Wether in France or in England..

First class
01/24/18 | Darrell

Great little treats

My fussy Romanian rescue dog will only eat soft treats as a rule and these are fab for her. I cut them into smaller pieces and use them as training treats. Unfortunately she needs quite a lot of training I will have to reorder quite quickly!

Best treat

My doggie really loves these treats. I use them when training and as a general treat.

Fantastic as regular or training treat

These are excellent little treats for small dogs. My Australian Terrier loves these. Got some for my breeder who had never heard of them. Big hit with her dogs to.
03/27/16 | Kayz

my babies favourite.

My 4 month old puppy LOVES these treats more than any others that he gets, i love them too because they are really soft and can be broken up. I use them throughout the hole day for every thing from rewarding after using the toilet, to getting him used to walking on a main road wich he hated at first but when he has these treats he no longer has a problem. I will be however looking for an alternative when the offer has ended as i do think that £4.99 is a little too pricey. Would recommend.
06/17/14 | Lynne

dog treats

My dog has an easily upset tummy but these are excellent for her and my ancient very picky poodle adores them. Buying the three at once helps the cost but they do go a suprisingly long way
06/08/14 | Shilly


My dogs love these little treats! They are fab. as they can be broken into lots of little pieces for training rewards, or given whole. They last for ages and are relatively inexpensive compared to some dog treats. Absolutely great product and I always keep a stock, so please don't stop selling these Zooplus.
09/14/13 | Sarah M

Best training treats you can buy

I have two Boston Terriers and they love these, awesome for when out and about and soft and breakable to make them go further. Couldn't manage our walks without them brilliant.
09/07/12 | Anice McNamee

Just what the dog ordered!

These treats are perfect for training with our dog. They are small enough that we can be sure he wont put on weight but tasty enough for him to come back for more when he is being trained. We have been searching for a while for the right training treats and these have hit the nail right on the head.
08/13/12 | chris pearce

dog treats

my dog elvis is absolutely besotted with his party treats, wonderful on walks, he comes back every time he's called knowing full well what he is going to get !! "yum yum"

Great treats, perfect size! Highly recommend

I have a large sized dog and these size treats are perfect for him when out for a walk. Not too big in size for weight control. He absolutely loves them. Will definitely buy again... bought the value pack so have plenty for his training.

Great treats

I'm never without a tub of these little treats. They are perfect for out on walks as they are so small. My dogs love them and I don't need to worry about them putting on weight as they are so tiny... I even break them in half to give half each!
03/28/12 | Fay

Treat at bedtime

My two black labrador pups love these. They know they get five each every night, before settling down to sleep. They soon remind me if I 'forget'!

Perfect size

These are great for training, recall, etc, especially when out on walks. They are small, and easy to give to my dogs which means I can keep lots in my pocket and I don't need to break them up... oh, and my dogs love them. Would definitely recommend.
04/07/11 | Mags

Great for training

I clicker train my own dogs and my day care dogs and these are just the right size for this purpose. Up until now I have been using a similar product but larger in size so had to break them up into smaller bits otherwise I would end up with a bunch of plump pooches! These are perfect for the job and the dogs love them. Bought the 3 x 500g while on special - very good value.

puppy loves them!!!

i break them into 4 so they go further as i have a bichon frise puppy + she being rewarded constantly at the minute!! she loves them + does anything for a reward!! well worth the price!!! buy them in bulk!!!
12/21/09 | Rikke Thorup

The best

My dogs love it
06/10/09 | Sally H

Yummy (is what my dogs think...)

Great snacks, our dogs love them. They are a good size which means they don't get too much and they fit into any pocket. really recommended!

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