11/23/18 | Sister Marika Rebicsek

Fantastic for teeth!

My dog hates his teeth being brushed. I use Plaque Off and these chews, he gets one every evening, never tires of it and always thanks me for it too (we use sign language and he has his own signs). He absolutely loves these and they suit his allergies as pure lamb and nothing else, also low fat. He is allergic to all poultry & beef, so these are brilliant. They keep a long time in a dry place and don't go rancid. It will be his Christmas present and he will go nuts with joy!
09/23/18 | Moobar

My Dogs favourite treat!

My dog has one of these everyday after her dinner and will not settle until she has had it! She cannot eat beef tripe as it gives her an upset stomach but she's fine with this and the pieces are a better size for her - she's a small Vizsla. I like that it is sourced from Germany as well as so much now comes from China with hidden nasty additives or India( I think the green tripe does!) Please don't change this Zooplus or you will lose a long term customer!
01/11/18 | Mrs Rosenthal

Excellent but watch the fat content!

Dogs still loving this stuff and definitely their treet of choice but the fat content is much higher than I thought -18% according to the nutrition info. Rationed to one a day
05/03/17 | Mrs R

favourite treat for my dogs -and no weight gain!

My 2 giant schnausers enjoy this treat in preference to any other food they are given. If this comes out of the tin when they're eating a biscuit, the biscuit gets dropped. It stinks to high heaven which seems to be part of the attraction. Left over crumbs at the end of the pack get sprinkled in their ruffle snuffles. I think its fat content is low so no fear of weight gain, on the contrary, I think it's helping them lose a little. Good product.
08/30/16 | Rebecca perry-taylor

lamb stomach

My dogs love these and usually takes them about 5 mins to eat so I bought some from here however I wish I didn't as they are tiny a good size for a chihuahua but not a collie.

A good alternative to dried tripe

All natural and good value. They last well kept dry in a tin. They are also less smelly compared to dried tripe. And most importantly all the dogs love them!
03/22/14 | Sue Gibbons


my two whippets love this and I think it helps to clean their teeth. only problem is the minimum order plus postage pushes the cost up a bit.
10/05/09 | sandra

The only chew he can have

My 5yr old GSD has a host of food intolerences and medical problems and can only be feed minced lamb and potato. Discovering lamb tripe was great as he now has this to chew on. Please, never take it off your website.
09/27/09 | Teagan (Cocker Spaniel)

Woof Yummy Yummy in my tummy!!

These are my favourite dog treats! I like pigs ears too, but these are definitely my favourite and mum says they're really good value. If we go to the pub I get one of these and I have one in between meals too. Recommended to all!!
09/18/09 | Clare Watts

Doggie caviar

My dogs would kill for this stuff. They are raw fed, and have one piece each before bedtime. Smells bad but who cares when the dogs love it.
04/04/09 | Michelle


Fantastic value sized bag. My dog really loves these.
03/31/08 | Tanya

Lamb Tripe

My dog likes it very much!!!

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