Kelties for Shelties

My Shelties love their Kelties. Find biscuit size fine.
11/10/15 | Flick

Bedtime biscuits!

Great biscuits for bedtime. Too big for rewards or treats. But perfect for bedtime. And the dogs love them!!!

Great for a fussy eater

We're fostering a Tibetan Spaniel with fussy tastes--have tried all matter of treats (including human food!) and Kelpies are the only thing she likes (as well as a few cat treats). They are huge and she's quite small, so I break them down into smaller pieces for her.
05/31/14 | Laura

My favourite treats to give my dog!

I love these treats!! Even though I had looked at the treat size on paper I didn't really think about them until they came - they are huge! Great for a tasty snack for good behaviour! They are around the size of a human biscuit I think. My dog seems to prefer them, he crunches them up and eats all the pieces so they are better used at home, as on walks he gets distracted and leaves bits behind. They must be really tasty, and can be broken into tiny pieces for training etc. I love the bag, it has a really handy ziplock, the only problem is I bought two bags from zooplus and they where crushed by the other things I'd ordered! :(
03/16/14 | M Stainton

Happy dogs, happy owner!

My retrievers love these biscuits. They are very light and crunchy and if given among other biscuits they always go for these first. And they are made of organic wholesome ingredients so its happy dogs and a happy owner!
05/18/13 | Lisa

Dogs love them!

Another great Burns product, dogs absolutely love them.

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