Good - sometimes

Only treats that last our smallish bully mix any length of time BUT sizes are inconsistent. First batch was great, long pieces we could safely give for a while and remove when too small (he tries to swallow chews & regularly starts choking). We ordered 3 more bags, but our last order was full of small bits (about a third very small), about 1/4 of the size of the first ones. They last no time and are a lot more dangerous. I understand they're a natural product, but size grading would be helpful.

Great for dogs that eat/destroy everything in seconds

A few years back not long after we got our Rotty x German Shepherd x American Bull (..yes big dog!) we quickly noticed that no toy or chew would last him. Rawhide would work, but we are not keen on using... so i literally brought 1 of every type of animal chew on here, this worked out as the cheapest and longest chew we could find (1 piece will last him 10-20 minutes and costs pennies). He is fussy with his food and does go off it every now and then, but give it a few weeks and he loves it again
07/08/18 | Jackie Crane


This is our third bag of beef scalp and we have absolutely no issues with them yes they do smell but so do many dog treats we have a lab/alsatian and a cocker and they love them, lovely big bits some smaller bits too.

Very stinky....and too big

My Working Cocker loves these but they are a bit too big - rather more than I want her to have in the way of a treat at one sitting. Also - they STINK. I don't mind so much but more than the rest of the family could bear. She will finish the packet but I shan't be buying again.
02/02/18 | Yasemin

Too smelly

Unfortunately won't be buying them again any time soon. My dog snuck them on the sofa and I had to wash all the pillows and blankets are the smell was just so unbearable. Made the house smell like a barn :( I'll give them another go in the summer when he can eat them outside

Great long lasting treat

My dog loves these there a good long lasting treat.

greyhound delight

Difficult to find chews that last more than 5 minutes with a greyhound, but these are my dogs absolute favourite, even the smaller pieces last more than 5 minutes. Chews in 500g bags vary considerably in sizes and they're smelly which adds to the 'allure', so not a treat to be offered on the sitting room floor, or in company!!
10/24/16 | Ice Poseison


My jack Russell pup (14 weeks old) loves these, the smell is totally bareable. They last him a while but he's showing signs of resource guarding whenever I interact mid-chew :(
08/10/16 | sy.m

Nice smelly snack

Nice and smelly, my dog loves them. Takes him a while to eat so keeps him busy while we are out.
07/04/16 | B Few

Long lasting,, a bit stinky but totally worth it

We've been giving these to our retriever for about a year now. They are a bit pongy en masse, but individual pieces are bearable. They are the only treats she will reliably give her whole attention to until it is gone, and that last for up to 15 minutes.
06/10/16 | janet

no smell for once

We've tried many dried chewy treats but these are hard, odourless and my cavapoo chewed for an hour. We've tried various dried chew strips from zooplus, some so strong I could only give them when everyone was out, others gone in 15 mins. Will definitely purchase again.
03/09/16 | Sharon

Great chewing for bigger dogs

...and little ones...although it may take days!! These treats were a winner in my house...kept the dogs busy for so long! One of my dogs fell asleep with the chew still in her mouth! Highly recommend!
11/09/14 | Kim

long lasting chew

These are the only treats that take my Northern Inuit puppy more than 5 minutes to finish. They do smell bad though not as bad as some other treats and the smell does go after a while (or maybe you just get used to it). Great for keeping my 2 pups occupied.
07/15/14 | TINA GOACHER

At last Something long lasting

My four dogs 3 labradors and springer spaniel loves theses have just brought their first pack and the scalp chew lasted them from 30 to 45mins so very impressed they do smell but they love them have ordered them some more
06/25/14 | Diane

Great chews

My 2 GSD's love these and they last well help keep teeth clean smell bad but just feed in garden
05/24/14 | Corrie


I have 4 large breed dogs and they thouroughly enjoyed this treat. Not much can keep them chewing for long but this treat lasted roughly 15 to 20mins. Smelly but will def buy again
05/20/14 | Mrs D Paris

Excellent stuff

These very hard pieces keep my 5 rescue dogs occupied for ages, I give it to them after their main meal, and I am sure it helps to clean their teeth. The only drawback is that they are so tough that they are difficult to cut up, I use big secateurs but I can't manage most of the bits. It would be nice to have a choice of smaller and larger pieces
12/17/13 | Jules

Fav treats

My two German Shepherds LOVE these scalp treats. It keeps them chewing for longer than the average natural chew. We've tried several natural chew products from Zooplus and we've yet to find one that they don't like but these really are top of the list for my two. Like others have said before, they smell truly awful, but, it's worth it when I see how much they enjoy them.
10/30/13 | Laura

Alfie's favourite!

My dog absolutely loves these treats and will do just about anything to have one! They are long lasting and keep him entertained. As others have said, the smell is truly awful and unfortunately for Alfie he is forbidden from having one if anyone else is in the house, and he's not allowed another pack! If you don't mind the smell (as I don't) then get some! Your dog will love them.

Long lasting but they stink!

Keeps my Cocker chewing for around an hour but the smell is truly awful!

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