06/13/22 | Sarah

Hit and miss

I was ordering single bags and the quality of the product was too notch. Huge pieces in bag. My last order was the 30 ears which comes in 3 bags of 10, however it felt like I got seconds. All the ears were tiny and the bags almost felt empty. Have ordered again to see if this was a once off.

Great chewy treat

I've ordered these a few times already. They are well worth it. My German shepherd enjoys them. The ears are different sizes, some could be a bit bigger, others a little smaller. Much better than raw hide treats.

Rocco Natural Dried Cows' Ear

last time the quality and appearance of the product was very poor
11/05/18 | Neil Bateman

Good diversion!

Keeps my dog entertained for ages. Likes to `play` with these first, then will maybe eat in a couple of hours or so!!. Will always be a staple of my ordering now.

Cows ears

My dog loves these, long lasting, low fat treat - no smell which one would expect.

Usually 5*, last bag was 3*

These ears have been a favourite for a couple of years. I cut them in half for my two small dogs. However the latest bag of 100 was not so good - tough and thick and impossible to cut. A big disappointment. I hope they return to their usual high quality for my next purchase or it will have to be the last time I buy them.

Would definitely recommend

Just bought a 2 month old GSD. The previous owners used to give him pig ears that he absolutely loved. In my household no one eats pig and we try to avoid it. So thought I would get these hoping he would like these aswell. Safe to say he absolutely loves it.

Low fat, no grease!

Bought these as an alternative to fatty, stinky pigs ears. My dog LOVES them! Will defo buy again.
06/20/17 | Dawn

Low fat, high value treat!

Always buy these in bulk as they are very much loved by my boys. Less greasy and messy than pigs ears and last longer, nice treat to keep them occupied if I'm going out

More Healthy Option

My two Cocker Spaniels really enjoy these cow ears and I'm happy because they contain less fat.

Cows' Ear Treats

My 2 whippets adore these cows ears. They don't upset their stomachs and are not smelly or greasy. Only problem is they are often not in stock (must be very popular). I need to bulk buy them!
04/21/17 | Maria

Good product.

My dogs love these. One crunches through them like a bandit but the other likes to savour and lick at them for hours. I have ordered these a few times and the quality has varied, never unacceptable though. I find them preferable to pigs ears because they arent as greasy and dont smell as pungent.
02/12/17 | Paula

Great value & quality

My Great Dane loves these, he now gets excited about me going out without him as he knows he'll get one before I go. Not greasy or smelly like pigs ears. Great value.
02/11/17 | Mark

None greasy, long lasting treat

I have bought pigs ears in the past and never really liked them as they always tend to be really greasy which isn't very pleasant. These are brilliant, long lasting natural treat that all my dogs enjoy. Especially good for my teething puppy as it gives him something to chew
02/05/17 | Rachel

Great value, long lasting!

My dog loves these, they last a long time and keep him busy chewing. I believe they are low in fat as well!

Healthy fun!

I tried these using our reward points. My two Norwich terriers adore them and I feel happy to give them a couple each week as they seem to offer a low calorie, naturally prepared treat - something that had been proving difficult to find after learning of all the controversy about chemically-treated raw hide bones and not wanting my little guys to put on weight. We'll be trying the smoked ones too!
02/05/17 | Jane Potter

Best Natural Chew Ever!

My Greyhounds get so excited when it comes to ear chew time! They have one per day, after their tea, and they go down a treat! Keeps them busy for 5-10 mins and is a great way to help keep their notoriously poor teeth clean. I am as happy as they are since the ears are grease free, mess free and the bag of 100 is fantastic value for money. Would highly recommend as a healthier and more cost effective alternative to the branded dental sticks on the market, in my opinion. A great product.


My two dogs love these. Excellent value. The only chew treats I buy. Also keep teeth in good condition.
09/29/16 | Yvonne Thomas, North Yorkshire UK

My dogs' favourite treat

All my dogs love these both my 2 year old lab and my 2 8 month old labrahounds. As soon as they hear the rattle of the bag they're there full of excitement. I love them because they don't make them sick as pigs' ears did every time. Definitely a re-order item every month. The 100 bag does seem to have bigger ears in as some other reviews said but I've got big dogs. There's about half dozen smaller ones left at the bottom of the bag.
09/19/16 | Harry Gray

Barney's Treat

I have bought these often for Barney my 10yr old Lab. and he loves them. He puts his two paws on my knees to tell me he wants one every day. Last time I ordered I purchased the Premium ears and he didn't enjoy them at all, they are harder. These thin ones are what he enjoys.

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