05/15/22 | DKeogh

Good then awful

May 2022: My dog loved these treats and they were the perfect training size for her. I would stock up to ensure we didn't run out. I got 2 tubs in March with a best before date of Nov 2023. They were stored in a cool, dark place. Then I went to open one this month I found white fluffy mould in both tubs. Zooplus were great and gave me a quick refund but I won't be buying these again.
06/21/17 | Lynne Turner


My Goldendoodle goes mad for these and becomes ever so obidient when they are around!!
03/29/17 | Clare

My 3 love these vizsla and 2 golden doodles

These are great drop 4 pelts on top of there food as a treat. Use them training out for walks. Once in pocket don't smell keep well. My dogs have sensitive tums and these are perfect.

Treat for all needs

great value treat. my 5 month old black lab has a intolerance to a lot of common used ingredients in pet food and treats. we were at a loss what to give her. a nurse at are vets recommended looking on zooplus. best advice we every got. the range is fantastic not only because she loves them but also because no poorly tummy's. these are wonderful in a treat ball,on walks or molded together for a really good girl treat.
10/26/16 | Gill


Didn't think that much of these when I first got them although my 4 dogs liked them well enough. Then I started moulding them together into a ball to take out with me. I have small dogs, largest being a cocker spaniel so just break little bits off for them. Absolutely fantastic, the wayward dog comes straight back if she thinks she will get some and the cocker will even drop her ball for some. Great price for a low fat grain free treat.
09/20/16 | onespoiltpup

Superb little treat

My Lab loves these little treats, I add just a handful to his morning kibble in the active Kong. He just never knows what treat he is going to get next. I am so grateful for the little tubs they come in, I have found many uses for the empty ones thus far.

Perfect treat!

Our bichons love these! Even the fussy one can't get enough of them. They are soft and very easy to chew which is great. Also the bucket is cute and handy. Will definitely buy again.
07/08/16 | Caroline

My Dog Loves Them

I was recommended to get these, My dogs very fussy when it comes to treats he absolutely craves for these,, Very soft perfect for my little chi's little teeth and their great for hiding medication in :)..
05/25/16 | C Hammond

Great yummy treats!

Fantastic yummy training treats for my 22kg dog, though it is a wee bit small for her! Nevertheless, she loves it!
02/05/16 | Red

Our dogs think these are amazing!

We ordered quite a few ostrich treats because our dogs had never tried ostrich before. These treats arrived today :) The treats are fairly small (couple cm long at most but slim) and the awesome thing is they are soft. You can easily snap them smaller; our 7kg 6 month old dog gets a really tiny piece which means he can have quite a lo! For our younger dog these are his favourite treats ever, he prefers them over cooked meat - I don't know why, these don't smell much but they all love them!
01/20/16 | Chloe


Dog loves them, and they didnt upset her delicate tummy. Too soft to hold in the hand for any length of time though. Price is very reasonable for grain free treats.
01/13/16 | Linda Miller

Great treat

These are super smelly but my dogs love them. My boy has a very sensitive tummy but seems to be fine with these. I use them as little training treats and to stuff their wobble food dispensers with to keep them busy if I'm out for a long time. Pretty good value for a decent treat.
01/11/16 | sharon thomas

wow perfect treats

I have used these treats many dogs and have yet to find a dog that does not enjoy them. perfect size for training, moist and easy on the stomach. 5 stars from all of us

Perfect training treat

Small, soft treats are ideal for training my dogs love them
11/30/15 | Tatyana

Excellent little treats.

These treats are my dogs favourite, they can't get enough of them. They are shaped in a small pellets shape and in a tube so the moisture does not go in keeping them perfectly fresh. They are gentle on their stomachs too. I will be buying them again.
11/25/15 | Tatyana

Soft and small lovely treat.

My puppies love it. Very good for rewards and my tiny chihuahuas can easily manage it.
06/08/14 | Erin

Dogs Love Them

They are nice and smelly, a good size and the dogs love them! They tend to stick together in a big clump when they get warm and are easily squished in pockets though

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