06/03/17 | Yvonne (North Yorkshire)
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Dogs love it but beware

I bought this as a treat for obdience traning and it worked amazingly. However when I kept it in the fridge it was really hard to squeeze the pate out so I kept it at the very back of the worktops. The pups love it lot and had jumped on the worktops and got it down and ate it tube and all. Just left the silver threaded top. £1000 vets bills followed. Why can't they use plastic tubes, much easier to squeeze and stop fat oozing out and not as dangerous. It's kept hidden in a high cupboard now
10/05/16 | Michelle Andrew
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My dogs love it!

Really convenient useful product for rewarding or putting in toys. My dogs go mad for it. I just wish it came in a plastic tube as the metal splits and then it oozes out.