05/03/23 | Baileys mum
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Our 9 months old lab puppy loves it

Yeh we had the same issue farty dog! This food helps alot, and his coat is lovely because of it.
28/02/18 | Amanda
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Stinky dog

Can’t praise this puppy food enough our Italian masstif was a rescue when she farted she could clear our street never mind the house but after feeding her Iams that’s all stopped and we can all breathe easy lol thanks iams 😀
13/01/18 | Boss
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Great food for all my dogs
12/12/17 | Marie Agalato
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Two happy healthy dogs

My two goldens are healthy, lively, happy dogs. Good food is a vital part of their good health and long life. We are very happy with IAMS. Quality food and great prices from Zooplus.
11/10/17 | Karen Hickford
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My dogs love this food

I have a 2 yr old Patterdale terrier x cocker spaniel x Labrador and a 13 month old English springer spaniel,who are fed this food and absolutely love it.They know if I change there food and refuse to eat it.They don't leave a single biscuit on Iams.
25/06/17 | Christine
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Big healthy boy

I have used this since my boy was 2 months old it's been very good, he is 45kg now and am not sure what bag he needs to go on next as this is only up to 40 kg could anyone give me advice Many thanks Christine
09/12/16 | markfrancis
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good food at a good price

my 6 mth old boxer puppy is doing great and loves her food,has a nice shiny coat. she gets a monthly check at the vets and they say she is fit and healthy.
01/06/15 | Kerry Simpson
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no more runny poos

I have 3 siberian huskies and have tried every brand of food from supermarket to pet shop dog food without any results even science plan, james wellbeloved,and even wainrights has not worked as soon as i placed them on this stuff i saw instant results from them eating a whole bowl to their poos being hard and even there fur being so shiny and so soft. The dogs are doing so great on this even having weight gain. I get asked what i'm feeding them on all the time and have even made other people swap their dogs on to it.
03/05/15 | P. Watson
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Happy Active Growing German Shepherd Puppy

After loosing our GS of over 13.5 years we decided on a rescue puppy again as we have always had dogs.We needed to find out what was on the market to feed our new puppy dog. After lots of research and talking to fellow dog owners we chose "Iams Proactive Health Puppy & Junior Large-Rich Chicken" Our little lady has grown well, coat looks great and no stomach issues. I would definitely recommend this product to owners of puppies of large dogs.
14/03/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Great food

I raise a litter of puppies a year, Bernese Mountain Dog or White Swiss Shepherd. I feed them this and it suits them perfectly! The price is very reasonable for the quality and I always recommend them to those who buy my puppies.
03/03/15 | Lin Kerswell
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Excellent quality food at a reasonable price

We bred our first litter of pups last June & were gifted with 15 healthy pups but lost the last one. My bitch is Rotti x Lab and we put her back to a lab. At 2 weeks of age we liquidised Iams large puppy food with milk supplement initially as advised by our vet as we were topping up with supplement. These pups are now 8 months old & those that have continued on Iams have the best bone & size. I cannot rate this food highly enough. We had one yellow boy whom we kept who now weighs 45k. His brother of similar weight & size as young pups is only 32k at most and looks like a young Great Dane 😕 He's been fed very cheap food. Those on more expensive higher protein food are too active and again have not got the bone and stature of those still on Iams. I highly recommend this food for large dogs.