01/04/20 | Simge
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The Ultimate Dry Food!

All of my dogs are sensitive, but one in particular has allergies to Grain, Beef, Chicken, Pork and many others. She can only eat fish, fruits and veg. We've tried so many dry foods including Orijen and Arden Grange and she got flare ups(skin flaking, itching and redness all over her body). We moved off dry food and made homemade meals which she loves. We found Alpha Spirit three months ago and gave it a try. All the dogs love it and no skin allergies or flare ups. Won't use any other food.
29/03/20 | Simge
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Super Sensitive Old English Sheepdog

We have a very sensitive bobtail who is allergic to the majority of foods which basically means she's on a fish and vegetable diet. She absolutely loves this plus it brings up none of her symptoms and skin issues. We've realised that some foods are not telling the truth as James Wellbeloved all fish gives her flare ups.. Well made and all three dogs love it!
25/05/19 | elsie claes
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my dogs faint when they smell it

super great product. My dogs love it, their skin shines, and the poo is firm!
12/07/18 | Iris
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Very good

So pleased to see that this is now packed in large bags. My dogs love this food but the individual little packs made a lot of plastic waste and lots of cardboard packing. This put me off reordering - no hesitation now
29/12/17 | originally published in zooplus.es
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Our dog has an allergy to cereals, chicken and pork, and we have always given Alpha Spirit treats with Orijen food. When we found out that Alpha Spirit also had food we didn't think twice and we love it! The kibble pieces are large and easy to chew, and the smell that comes out of the bag is impressive! The only downside is that there is not more variety, as our other dog eats chicken but we cannot alternate it. I will try to alternate it with some Acana lamb.
27/11/17 | originally published in zooplus.be
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Super kibble

Excellent kibble with a good recipe and well tolerated even by difficult dogs. Good digestibility and excellent results for fur and energy.
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Great and excellent!!

What can I say about the Alpha Spirit brand? It is great! Both their snacks and their food! The fish is alternated with Lukullus (also great in my opinion). The fish has a spectacular smell, I would even try it! It has an ideal level of moisture, unlike other food that can have dry, small, hard pieces that are impossible to chew or digest. You pay for extra quality and it shows in the coat and digestion of my dogs. I will continue buying and alternating this with another cold-pressed food.
31/08/17 | originally published in zooplus.it
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My dog likes the herring smell... I think we will stay with Alpha Spirit for a while...
07/08/17 | originally published in zooplus.it
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Other brands are no comparison. I think this kibble is of a much higher quality.
16/07/17 | originally published in zooplus.es
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My dogs love it. I gave them several foods to try at once and this was the one they went for, they would not leave their bowls and were asking for more!
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This brand is more than 100% recommended, my little ones like the snacks and so now I bought this food food. It was opened and so was my dog's appetite! He was able to eat it after eating Orijen for a long time. It is similar to cold pressing but it has a noticeable degree of moisture, as something soft (neither jelly nor dry). I bought it for the brand, its ingredients for joints, being more digestible than normal feed and also for being fish.
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Improved dermatitis

With this and isolating chicken and grains we have managed to improve my dog's dermatitis. He has enjoyed it from day 1 and eats very well. The vomiting and diarrhoea caused by grain and chicken meal has disappeared. I think it is a very good quality and recommend it.
17/05/17 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Finally available here too!

Friends of mine in Spain use this food and have always sworn by it. I am delighted that it is finally available at zooplus. I only feed this, as it is well tolerated and the ingredients convince me 100%. I also take the price into account.
17/05/17 | originally published in zooplus.it
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Excellent product based on 100% high quality fish and concentrates. Available in semi-moist and dry formats. The soft one is in tubs that allows you to use it as a reward and is useful for transporting, the dry is excellent for meals at any time. Thanks to zooplus!

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