03/15/21 | Mr Charlie Nelson


Our Golden absolutely loves Belcando. He has been on it from the very beginning of 10 weeks. Eating time is always a feast :) He has stable and good poo business (2 times a day). He licks his bowl clean, especially when we mix in an egg or some cottage cheese. Food instructions on how much to eat is very helpful. If we would let our Golden loose, he would probably finish the whole bag :-)


Our Rhodesian Ridgeback (1 year old) had serious problems with her digestion. She always had the runs and we couldn't really find out what was causing it. Then someone at the dog school recommended trying her on a grain-free diet. They suggested Belcando and it's really worked for her. We still have to be careful with her treats but we'll start to get a better idea of what we're looking out for soon.

Very good...

My young Alsatian really likes this food. The kibble is very big so she has to chew it. The manufacturer's feeding recommendation is very good and the food has a high meat content. We used to buy Royal Canin and Josera but we were advised to switch to this food. We're very satisfied and so is our dog.
12/02/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Great food!

It's good that we can now get Belcando here. My Bernese finds it easy to digest and she has dark, solid poos due to the high percentage of animal protein. I've been buying Belcando for a long time and my Cocker Spaniels didn't have any problems with it either. Only high-quality ingredients! I really recommend it because the quality is so good.

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