11/16/18 | vibeke midlander

very nice food!

It smells good, bigger pills , good for teath , my dogs likes this food better than most renal diets!
09/08/18 | Hannah

Good if your dog isn't fussy and large!

My german shepherd ate it once and then refused to eat it for 3 days straight until I finally changed her back..this was even with sardines mixed in with it. Kibble size is also quite big and hard so not suitable for smaller dogs.
10/11/17 | Rebekah Hanbidge

Not recommended

My Dalmatian has been eating Renal food for about two years now since she was diagnosed with stage 1 kidney disease. Ageing is catching up on her also so her hips are starting to have some mobility issues. I thought this food seemed like a good fit. When it arrived she certainly was not impressed (she not a fussy eater) nuts were very hard and seemed to cause her discomfort when eating them. Also the food had a funny smell. So safe to say the food went into the bin never to be purchased again

not recommended

Very disappointed with this, a complete waste of money. the My dog won't eat it and she generally eats anything. It smells odd. My dog is elderly and has trouble eating sometimes. The stuff is rock hard and does not soak well and the pieces are very big so not suitable for small dogs. The special light is much better.
03/29/17 | originally published in zooplus.de

I can recommend it

I have a 10 year old dog with kidney problems, up to now he likes this food. I think that the ingredients are fine, price is okay, so I am satisfied!
04/20/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

My dog refuses it

Unfortunately my dog refused it within a few days. We have to go back to Renal & Reduction, which she likes. However, that does not say anything about the quality of the food.
12/27/15 | Danny

refuses to eat!

My 13yrs old Amstaff refuse to eat it... at all! He didn't refused anything in his whole life. He eats everything but not this one. Strange! How bad can it be?!?! The smell is a little bit uncommon... not like the smell of normal dry food, maybe this is the reason for refusing it, who knows. About the quality of food and its effects on my dog's health can't say anything due to the fact that he didn't ate it. Don't think I would buy again any Bosch stuff, sorry.
10/05/14 | Lesley J Blissett

Blood test results much improved

My 13 year old large mix breed dog was diagnosed with chronic renal failure in July 2013, I tried several foods but his blood tests remained the same, I transferred him over to Bosch Renal dried food which I serve with chicken, he is on a white meat only diet as advised by his vet, and his blood tests are almost back to normal, his creatin (I think that is what it is called) and his urea are only just above normal levels but have improved considerably. I am so glad I found this food.
09/20/14 | Dee

Better ingredients than other renal foods & cheaper.

I only started using this when my lab was diagnosed as Chronic Renal Failure in June 2014. I looked at all the other well known brands and was appalled at the rubbish ingredients they use and the extortionate prices they charge. After carefully researching what was necessary in a renal diet I searched on Zooplus and was pleased to discover Bosch Renal. I have also informed my vet that there is an alternative to the RC, Hills etc and told him about Bosch too. Its a pity its not more widely known about but Im glad I discovered it.
01/31/14 | Shirley Malhan

Excellent & Cured my Boxer

My poor female boxer became incontinent. Vet checked her kidneys which we're starting to fail. Since being on this food her kidneys are normal & no more mishaps. I'm happier & so is she. She loves the taste too.
11/23/13 | amber

good alternative to renal prescription diet

i had reservations in trying this food weather it would work, i should not of worried, my dogs is doing very well on this food, and it is not as greasy as the hills kd she was previously on.

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