10/11/17 | Rebekah Hanbidge

Not recommended

My Dalmatian has been eating Renal food for about two years now since she was diagnosed with stage 1 kidney disease. Ageing is catching up on her also so her hips are starting to have some mobility issues. I thought this food seemed like a good fit. When it arrived she certainly was not impressed (she not a fussy eater) nuts were very hard and seemed to cause her discomfort when eating them. Also the food had a funny smell. So safe to say the food went into the bin never to be purchased again


not recommended

Very disappointed with this, a complete waste of money. the My dog won't eat it and she generally eats anything. It smells odd. My dog is elderly and has trouble eating sometimes. The stuff is rock hard and does not soak well and the pieces are very big so not suitable for small dogs. The special light is much better.