07/29/14 | Geoff

Good but.....

The dog does well on it but gets very bored and turns his nose up after a few days. I get annoyed at the huge price differential between the large bags and the two kilo bags - nearly £1 a kilo, I don't like having huge open bags of dog food hanging around, especially when he's not eating it but baulk at paying so much more far a small er bag. This is why I've stopped buying Burns.
01/22/12 | Emmanuelle


My dog Ramses is 16 years and 2 months old. He had an acute pancreatitis at Christmas and is now on a low-fat diet. I have been cooking his meals, but it is time consuming, so when I read about Burns dog food I thought it would be ideal for Ramses. Unfortunately Ramses does not like Burns dry food. If we put it in his bowl, Ramses takes 'a sniff' at it and walks away. If hand fed, he spits them out. Burns food has excellent reviews from Zooplus customers, and I believe it is a good product (my 2 years old whippet loves the Burns dry food she has inherited from Ramses). However be aware that golden oldies who are fussy eaters might not like it even if it is good for them. So back to slavering over the hot stove for me!

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