12/20/17 | Mr D

An unqualified review

I am not a Vet so this review is based on a laymans findings. We have a Westie (they can be quite sensitive to diet) & a rescued spaniel who will eat anything! Even 1 of our cats will have a go at it given a chance! They both seem to enjoy this food (coming from Burns), yes they seem to drink 'slightly' more & there does seem to be a lot more 'mess' in the garden for me to clear up :( The spaniels coat is still VERY shiny & both dogs have plenty of energy! No skin issues with the Westie.

02/11/17 | weasel_198

Good quality for a good price

My dogs have been on this for a few years now. One of my JRT's was very fussy and literally wouldn't eat his food, I tried a number of other good brands, but none he seemed to like for more than a couple of weeks. I tried Lukullus as it had good properties, dry extruded, good nutritional reviews(I look up on allaboutdogfood.co.uk) without breaking the bank. All my dogs enjoy it, although my older dog doesn't have it so often as she puts on too much weight.

09/06/12 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Great for treats

I got a sample bag of this food which I used as treats for my dog. He loved it. I tried switching my Alaskan Malamute onto it full time but his coat became a bit dry, almost brittle. I switched him back to his old food after one bag but still keep a small bag around for treats. It didn't quite suit my boy, but he loves the taste and I like the ingredient list.