22/10/12 | Agata
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an update

I reviewed this product before as I was happy to see my husky doing well on it. However, he never gained any weight on it, his poops became very big and he had a weird burping/vomiting episodes which stopped after changing foods. And towards the end of the sack, he got loose stools:-( So maybe it wasn't so fantastic after all. It's a pity 'cause I really like the idea of cold pressed foods but cannot try anything else due to his rice intolerance. This was the only such food with no rice in it.
17/08/12 | Elaine
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Upset my dog's stomach

I bought this for my dog as, although he has a sensitive stomach, I know he's fine with chicken and potato. The ingredients sound great and he liked it well enough. However, just a small amount mixed with his old food causes him to have the most awful gas followed by loose stools. It's been the worst reaction to a food he's had so far. It might suit other dogs really well, but, as the smallest pack is already over £20, it's a lot of money to lose of things don't work out.
13/08/12 | Vicky
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strange kibble!

I thought this would be a perfect product for my new terrier puppy. GRAIN FREE for sensitive tummies and active dogs - it seemed perfect - and at around £2.66 per kg a bargain for such good quality food. However, when I opened it the kibble looked like huge long chunky sticks like giant rabbit food (I have attached a picture)! They were huge pieces and so hard that I couldn't break them up into bite size pieces for a small puppy mouth. I was really disappointed with this product because it's too large to use at the moment and as tough as rock, but hopefully as she grows she might be able to eat it!?