08/12/22 | Lilly Nash
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Excellent quality, super tasty!

I have three dogs, a Belgian Malinois puppy aged 4months, a miniature pinscher and a teacup chihuahua. All three love this food and even the tiny chihuahua has no problems with the kibble as it's easy for him to bite into smaller bits. My Belgian Malinois poop was a bit on the (very) soft side, but since changing her to Markus Mühle Junior they are firm and small (so great for sensitive tummies). Their body condition is 100%. I would recommend this food to anyone.
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Pup loves it - always eager to eat! weight and stool consistent. Doing really well on it. Plan on transitioning to adult MM. Highly recommended food.
12/12/18 | Vicky Francis
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Excellent high quality nourishment

I moved my 7 month black Labrador onto this about 3 months ago and it has been excellent. It is clearly high quality and she is so full of health and vitality. Her coat is so shiny and she clearly enjoys the taste, judging by her excitement at mealtimes (she is a Labrador though!). Highly recommended.
26/03/18 | Helen
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Puppy likes it, and her stomach is much happier!

My gsp puppy had digestive issues with her previous food: her stomach was upset all the time and she had bad dandruff. I did some research online and decided to give this food a go. She wasn't very keen on the previous food and was a bit thin, but she wolfs this down and has now filled out. Her digestive system is a lot happier now, and dealing with her pooh is much more pleasant!
19/03/18 | Ronald Pearce
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Changed from conventional dry kibble .

I have 2 six month old Springer Spaniels who have been on Barking Heads puppy food and were hyper crazy and restless .I looked into how kibble is made and found out that the temperature they 'cook' it at destroys much of the goodness so looked into 'cold pressed' foods a while ago .I have been gradually converting the pups to this product over the last few weeks and the difference in them both is amazing .They have calmed .They rest better and sleep better at night .their coats are softer too .
26/02/18 | Lorraine Reynolds
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Very happy healthy dogs😍

My 3 are raw fed in evening, and for breakfast have this food which they absolutely love! Never had a bad belly, weight is stable, and poos are minimal! Would definitely recommend this dog food, plus it dose’t swell in the dogs stomach like most kibble!!!!
11/11/17 | Cecily
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Happy Boy

After 2 years of trying various ‘top quality’ kibble, his stools have always been on the firm but squishy side and no matter how much more he’s fed he’d always be on the cusp of underweight. Id love to feed a raw diet but that’s out of my price range for his size.So after a bit of research I thought I’d try cold pressed. The difference to his stool within 12 hrs! In 6 days he’s no longer super slim (need to feed a little less) and he absolutely loves it and actually chomps rather than inhale it.
24/08/17 | Elisabeth
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Extremely Satisfied

My rescue lurcher puppy (large whippet size x collie we think) had been getting grain free, and I was keen to continue with this, having done a lot of research. First went with Acana, but it didn't suit my gal. Since we switched to Marcus Muehle there has been an amazing difference to poo - ie now solid, and her coat which was already very good and shiny has very much retained its sheen. Just coming to the end of a 15kg bag and about to re-order. The pieces are large, but she seems ok with that
18/08/17 | Cathie
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Been feeding my Flatcoats this for a couple of years now and started my last litter on the Black Angus Junior, it is never refused and they look fabulous on it. Value for money and delivery is prompt and reliable.
03/08/17 | BoThe Dog
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Great So Far

After a lot of research and previously feeding meat only, then Acana, I decided that an entirely grain free diet wasn't the way to go for my dog ( a small lurcher). I settled on Markus Muehle as on balance the best possible quality balanced with a decent price. We are only a couple of weeks in, but happy so far - she enjoys it as main meals and as treats and digestive system seems to be working better!!!
15/02/17 | Jo Robinson
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Clean Bowls Every Time

I used to Raw feed my 2 dogs due to one of them being a fuzzy eater and struggling with Kibble based foods. However a friend recommended we try this product a year ago and I was amazed at witnessing them both tuck in and finished their bowls within minutes! We've fed Markus Mühle ever since and both dogs have fantastic coats, teeth and energy levels.
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We have had a really difficult time finding food that our bulldog can digest. Before trying Markus muhle our dog had loose stools, sickness, skin problems & lack of energy. We tried so many different brands but since changing to this food 3 months ago his stools are solid, his coat glossy, no stinky breathe & he's so much healthier. Really recommend this brand of food.
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Amazing food

I have 2 American bulldogs and older one is so fussy and has a really delicate stomach this is the only food I will give him it's amazing his white coat is more glossy he has grown so much since he has been on this he is 9month old and is solid puppy 2 is getting there loves her kibble to hopefully will develop like puppy 1
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Fantastic food

I have 7 dogs, 6 small and 1large. They all utterly adore this food. I've tried other well known brands but nothing matches this food. It comes out as one of the best on the market for nutrition. Will not be trying any other brand after using this as I know my dogs wouldn't eat any other. It smells good too.
11/08/16 | Anna
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Great nutritional food for our Siberian Husky Pup

Having had a Siberian Husky before who was not fed on this meal, I notice a total difference in my puppy husky. This keeps Willow, lean, firm and her coat is glossy and it doesn't malt like crazy. She is full up. 15 kg bag last us 4 months which is about £4 a week....would definitely recommend
13/07/16 | gillian
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three happy dogs

have a 13 yr , 7 yr and 2 yr old dog - crossbreed collies and a labrador they were all on tails specific to them foods and just getting too expensive- had moved to that as they just weren't eating the food i was buying before - all three love the markus muhle dry food and are looking healthier than ever no drinking or bowel problems for any of them
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Great product

After being educated on the ingredients of certain well known dog food brands we were advised to feed our 5year old boxer cross Marcus Muhule. Now, my dog isn't fussy and has a stomach of steel but I feel reassured that this high protein dog food helps him to thrive. He has a glossy coat, boundless energy and solid stools. It is a very reasonable price and is delivered quickly. It does have a strong smell, but I think that makes it all the more appealing to our dog!
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best we've used

Fully recommended, I've used Royal Canin, Origen and others but my seven month german shorthaired pointer is thriving on this. Coat, growth ect are fantastic plus he really enjoys this kibble. Not changing from this.
21/02/16 | Sam
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My puppy is full of energy and loves this food. He has lovely little firm poos and has no tummy troubles. Will now be changing my older dog onto the adult version. He can have funny tummies and I think this food will relieve this.
13/01/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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The best food!!!!

We tried a cheap food and a branded food with our 6 month old dog. Both cause either bloating or diarrhoea. We were clueless as to what to buy next. Some friends recommended Markus Mühle. No more diarrhoea, no more bloating, and no more dandruff!!! And his stools smell less strongly. Coat has become really nice. It's shiny and looks very classy!! The best food for us!!!

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