Black Angus Junior
Black Angus Junior
Black Angus Junior
Black Angus Junior
Black Angus Junior
Black Angus Junior
Black Angus Junior
Black Angus Junior

Black Angus Junior

Black Angus Junior with Duck & Herring is specially developed to support growing puppies and young dogs up to 12 months. Encourages healthy bone growth....further information
Product description
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Excellent quality, super tasty!: "I have three dogs, a Belgian Malinois puppy aged 4months, a miniature pinscher and a teacup chihuahua. All three love this food and even the tiny chihuahua has no pro...

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Product description

Black Angus Junior with Duck & Herring is specially developed to support growing puppies and young dogs up to 12 months. Encourages healthy bone growth.

Markus Mühle aims to provide your dog with the healthiest, most natural diet possible. All Markus Mühle products contain a combination of high quality animal proteins, premium carbohydrates, and carefully selected vegetable ingredients.

These natural ingredients are cold-pressed, ensuring that the structure of the proteins and carbohydrates are not altered by cooking at high temperatures. This gentle process locks in vital vitamins and micronutrients, so your dog gets the full benefits of each healthy ingredient.

Black Angus dry dog food is free from chemical preservatives, colourings and flavours, making it especially easily digestible. The purely natural ingredients make Markus Mühle unforgettably delicious for your dog.

  • Suitable for puppies and dogs of all sizes younger than 12 months
  • Proteins from beef, duck and herring
    High quality, easily digested protein sources can encourage healthy growth and strengthen muscles. Herring provides essential oils that help to stimulate the metabolism and support cell production.
  • Carbohydrate and fibre
    Can help to regulate energy intake, optimize intestinal function, support the digestion and strengthen the immune system.
  • Green-lipped mussel extract
    Rich in chondroitin sulphate and glucosaminoglycans which can reduce cartilage wear stimulate cartilage cell regeneration. Contains a high proportion of EPA/DHA fatty acids, which can also protect the joints.
  • Herbs, berries, roots and seeds
    These plant ingredients provide vitalising phytonutrients for healthy functioning of the eyes, liver, digestion, nervous system and immune system.
  • Cold water pressing process
    All raw ingredients are mixed and pressed into pellets without the use of steam or high temperatures, preserving the natural chemical structures and biological effects of herbs, carbohydrates and muscle meat extract.
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • Contains no chemical colouring, attractants or preservatives
  • No inorganic materials
    such as calcium carbonate or feeding lime
The nutritional specialists at Markus Mühle have always done things a little differently. Based on the ideas of vets, dog breeders and the director of a dog kennel, they wanted a dog food which is in keeping with a dog's natural diet in the wild. The result is Markus Mühle Dog Food.


The nutrition a dog receives during the growing years plays an extremely important role in your dog’s future health. Black Angus Junior with Duck & Herring is specially designed to meet the nutritional requirements of young and growing dogs. With highly digestible proteins and a balanced calcium-phosphorous ratio to support healthy bone development.

  • Duck & Angus Beef
    Delicious and well accepted protein sources, ideal for dogs with food intolerances or fussy eaters.
  • Herring
    Contains essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which can stimulate the metabolism and help the body to produce and maintain healthy cell walls.
  • Brown wholegrain rice
    An easily digested carbohydrate source, which provides optimal energy release and helps your dog to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Dry peat
    Rich innatural nutrients that support healthy digestion and intestinal flora
Please note: Since no chemical colours, preservatives, flavourings or genetically modified ingredients are used in the production of Markus Mühle dog food it can only be stored for up to 8 months after the listed production date.



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Ground dried Black Angus meat (20.2%), ground brown wholegrain rice, ground dried duck meat (9.1%), ground wholegrain corn, ground dried herring (5.6%), ground millet, ground amaranth, fresh green herbs, linseed, dried algae mix, herring oil, cold pressed vegetable oil mix, beet pulp, gelatine, dry peat (2%), dried ground yucca schidigera, fennel seeds, dried blueberries, powdered egg yolk, siliceous earth (1.5%), muscle meat extract from green-lipped mussels (1.5%), green mineral soil (1.5%), sea mollusc protein from green-lipped mussels (1%).

Vitamin A (12,000 IE/kg), vitamin D3 (1200 IE/kg), vitamin E (240 mg/kg), vitamin B1 [thiamine mononitrat] (4.2 mg/kg), vitamin B2 [riboflavin] (8.4 mg/kg), vitamin B6 [pyridoxine hydrochloride] (5 mg/kg), vitamin B12 (50 µg/kg), biotin (250 µg/kg), folic acid (0.42 mg/kg), niacin (25 mg/kg), vitamin C [L-ascorbic acid] (170 mg/kg), pantothenic acid [calcium-D-pantothenate] (9.6 mg/kg), choline chloride (1500 mg/kg), manganese (58 mg/kg), copper (12 mg/kg), zinc (144 mg/kg), iron (240 mg/kg).

Analytical constituents

protein28.6 %
fat12.2 %
fibre2.8 %
ash6.5 %
calcium1.25 %
phosphorus1.03 %
magnesium0.11 %
sodium0.37 %
calories that can be burned3750.0 kcal/kg

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Markus Mühle Black Angus Junior Dog is a complete food for puppies and young dogs

Attention: At the moment some packaging of Markus Mühle Black Angus Junior Dog is in circulation with a misprint in the feeding recommendation. When determining the daily feeding amount please use your dog's expected final weight and not its current weight.

Daily amount of food per day (g/day)

Dog's weight 2 months 3-5 months 6-8 months 9-12 months
2 - 5kg 40 - 80g 60 - 130g 60 - 120g 60 - 130g
6 - 10kg 100 - 140g 130 - 210g 130 - 200g 140 - 230g
11 - 20kg 150 - 190g 200 - 330g 210 - 400g 230 - 380g
21 - 30kg 190 - 250g 270 - 440g 380 - 540g 350 - 510g
31 - 40kg 260 - 310g 370 - 550g 510 - 670g 460 - 630g
41 - 50kg 320 - 370g 450 - 650g 630 - 790g 570 - 750g
51 - 70kg 370 - 410g 530 - 730g 740 - 890g 680 - 850g