05/04/20 | Catherine sfendji

Best for Newfoundlands

Feeding only Royal Canin to my 2 newfies since 8 weeks old first giant puppy then giant junior and now adult giant, the dogs have amazing teeth, coats no allergies, dry stools and zero health issues would highly recommend this food

Royal Canin maxi adult

Best value on line.
11/19/17 | Rona Speedie


My goldie has always loved Royal Canin. He is superfit, healthy and has lovely white teeth. His coat is always beautiful too.
10/08/17 | Feebie


I have rescued Great Danes for over 20 years and there is no food better than Royal Canin Giant. My dogs have never looked better, less visits to the vets and prevents bloat. I would highly recommend this product and is worth every penny.
05/15/17 | andy

greatr product royal canin maxi adult

I also have a visla and he loves royal canin dog food , and been on it all his and he is now 10, great service too from zooplus

Saw a Great Dane through to double figures

Fed my Great Dane this all his life, he made it to ten years old in good health to the end. Now feeding an Irish Wolfhound the same, again very healthy.
02/05/17 | Maria bygrave


Read the last review . Wasn't put off as mine love this . I have 3 vizslas . Tried them on hills and it went straight through them. This is great value with 3 kg extra. . Zooplus bring a great site and so much cheaper.
02/05/17 | Sophie

My boy can't get enough

This is lovely food, my boy loves it since he only has dry food I need it to be good quality and this is. The price is brilliant too well done guys
02/05/17 | Heather

Wouldn't recommend anything else.

I have fed my giant breed dog this food for 7 years. I wouldn't feed anything else.
02/05/17 | L Bennett

Perfect balance for our Labrador

We have tried other brands with smaller kibble but they didn't seem to be filling for him. With this Royal Canin he actually chews each one. His coat is shiney and he is full of energy. Wouldn't buy any thing else. Zoo plus offers fantastic value especially with the 3kg free offers 😊
02/05/17 | Ali s

Great food

My gsd loves this food although some days likes a bit of variety so we have to add a bit of meat in to keep her interest but if you are getting this food it is best price by far I have seen and especially when the 3kg free deal is on it's even better.
01/15/17 | Katarzyna

Good food but....

My dog like this food and his coat looks very good shine and he stop loosing his hair but there is no meat, very disappointed, food is not cheap.

Excellent all rounder

My Labrador Rosie is now 2 years old, she has been fed Royal Canin puppy and then adult dog food since she was weaned, she has a glossy coat, boundless energy and is in excellent health. I would not consider changing her food under any circumstances.
03/27/16 | HellzBellz

What a difference!

Having tried a number of cheaper dog foods this was recommended for my two ridgebacks and I've not looked back since. Their coats are glossy, they're bright and alert are just thriving on it. More noticeably though is that their stools are not only firmer but considerably smaller which shows just how much is being absorbed. Yes it's more expensive but this site is the cheapest I've found it and will be returning time and time again I'm sure.

Two cocker spaniels

Both love this food and as cockers can sometimes have delicate stomachs I'm pleased to say this has not been a problem with either. Empty bowls every time. Healthy, active and happy dogs.
05/03/15 | Julie

Royal Canin Adult superb value

Fantastic value for money, wouldn't shop anywhere else would certainly recommend..from my dog being a puppy and always purchased from this site...you couldn't get cheaper from anywhere.
06/26/14 | Kapil

Good One!

Best Product!
06/09/14 | Fiona

Empty bowl every time

My dogs love their food and although they are large dogs don't produce large poos so this is presumably high quality food without too much filler. I wish I'd placed my latest order while this promotion is on as they'd have enjoyed the hedgehog squeaky balls.
10/03/13 | suzz

great food

use this with both of my rough collies they have lovely coats and thrive with these high quality biscuits clear the bowl every time
08/12/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

...addicted to RC food

My three dogs are totally addicted to this food. I'm only giving this a rating of "good" because we use it in conjunction with Orijen. They don't exactly love it but they do finish their bowls. The only thing they like more is fresh meat. But I've been using RC Giant for over 10 years and my dogs find it really easy to process.

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