08/12/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

...addicted to RC food

My three dogs are totally addicted to this food. I'm only giving this a rating of "good" because we use it in conjunction with Orijen. They don't exactly love it but they do finish their bowls. The only thing they like more is fresh meat. But I've been using RC Giant for over 10 years and my dogs find it really easy to process.

09/10/12 | Charlotte

Good but maybe a little too big?!

Now I do have a bit of a fussy great dane and I understand having the kibble big enables them to crunch and that's good for their teeth. But they are huge chunks! My Dane at first used to half eat them then spit them out! He's better now but still for a lazy giant maybe the kibble could be of mixed sizes so mix it up a bit?! Or just a little smaller. He looks well on the food and has always been a little fussy, I think it's a great product for our giant friends just my Dane would perhaps prefer a variety of sizes or a bit smaller! He's always been on royal canin giant foods from puppyhood and has done beautifully on it.

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