06/08/22 | Linda


I have a 12 year old Russian Toy Terrier who is a bit of a picky eater these days. When offered RC Mini Ageing 12+ she is very keen to empty her bowl. It has been just a couple of days now, hope that she will look more lively and with shinier coat in some time, too!


Great smelling small bite food!

My Jack Russell loves these small sized delicious bites. She is over 12 years and has few teeth but is able for the small food. I believe this to be a good nutritious dry food, I mix with a little wet food for variety but she eats it readily if no wet food available. Zooplus have great customer service and very competitive prices. I would highly recommend!


Really good

My 15+ year old Jack Russell has been really difficult to feed lately. I have tried several expensive dry and wet feeds but he always just picked at them. I tried this food and he loves it. He eats it dry and gobbles the lot in minutes. It's great to see him looking forward to being fed. He also seems a bit more lively on his walks.


dog food

My 13 year old yorkie loves this food put her on it when she didn't eat her prescription food now there's no filling her preferse to have some water in it to soften it as she doesn't have much teeth


royal canin

I have had Irish setters for over 40 years and never achieved the look or the shining coat that my current dog has

05/03/15 | Marta Tasi

The brand you can always trust

As always,you can trust in Royal Canin. Our westie loves it. Mix it with a bit of tinned food and voila :) perfect meal for your lived one

05/03/15 | Inna

excellent food for old dog.

my miniature schnauzer loves it and looks great at her 14 years

05/03/15 | Vicky Finlay

Great for all dogs

Royal canin is great for all age of dogs and sizes, it comes in a resealable bag and doesn't smell too bad. Recommended from puppy age