14/06/18 | Shane
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Royal Canin Renal really works

My dog had urinary problems - basically wetting his bed and the floor every night. My vet recommended this food. The problem has cleared up since I changed to this food. It really works. He likes it too and his coat is shining.
17/11/17 | Dan
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Great food for sensitive kidneys

Being a veterinary diet I use it because my dog needs it, but it is a really good food and my boy thrives on it. He's a 3 year old really active Labrador, he's been on this food for 2 years, he loves the stuff and maintains great condition.
06/02/17 | Juliet Kitson
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Great product

Isla has kidney failure and we were pleasantly surprised to find she finds this diet tasty and easy to eat. She has maintained weight well and her condition is very good. Very pleased we found this product.
05/02/17 | Leonardo
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Good medicinal food

I comes very well package and in short time. The food was recommended to protect the kidney for dogs which have shunt syndrome. They love!
08/07/16 | Lesley Stewart
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Royal Canine Renal

Recommended by my vet for my 14 year old collie with kidney problem, she has been on it for 6 months now and and is doing well on it, she likes it although I was warned that some dogs didn't like it.
22/11/15 | Peter Fitzpatrick
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Our beagle was recommended to do on this food as she has severe Kidney problems - she is a new dog. She loves the food having previously been totally disinterested in food. She is a new dog since eating rhe food I highly recommend the food it is the business !!
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Excellent value

Does what it says on the box!! My dog went into renal failure- always consult and ensure your vet recommends diet first This is what my vet started my greyhound on His blood results are back to normal levels but he will have to remain on this diet for the foreseeable future Buying on zoo plus is 1/2 the price of locally Delivery was prompt and friendly
22/10/15 | Mr & Mrs PARKER
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Don't dispare this may well help with Kidney failure!

Our 9 year old black Lab was diagnosed with stage 2 Kidney failure a few months ago. The following test showed he had deteriorated rapidly to Stage 3. On advice of the vet he went on antibiotics just in case he had a strain of weals disease that he had not been inoculated against.(He had been swimming in the Thames and picked up a skin infection) He was also put on Royal Canin renal mixed with a tiny amount of Hills renal tinned food. All looked rather gloomy.His next blood test showed he had recovered to Stage 2. He looks better, nose wet and coat shiny again. I also recommend moving from tap water to water butt rain water as this means less work on the Kidneys processing chlorine etc. We are so happy and so is Jasper(the dog). I recommend you try these products if your dog has Kidney problems.
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A year ago, my then 2 year old lab, was diagnosed with kidney failure. One kidney had never developed and her remaining one was only a third in size of what it should be. Vet said she had approx 6 months to live. He advised to change food to RC renal & no treats. She has been on this food since & a year has passed and our girl is still with us, absolutely full of life & energy. I have every faith in this product and am sure it is prolonging her life. :-)
18/10/14 | Kath Hawes
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My little dog has a new lease of life!

My 6yr old Lhasa Apso bitch had been suffering from colitis for some months. She was very unhappy, had lost a lot of weight and had repeated courses of antibiotics and steroids from the vets. Eventually my vet suggested the Royal Canin Hypoallergenic food. She has now been on this for a few months and has a new lease of life! I am delighted. Yes, the food is quite expensive, but not as expensive repeated vets bills! Plus my dog is happy again!
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After 3 months on Royal Canin Renal food our 11 year old labrador's kidney function had improved so much that she doesn't need any medication. This makes it an excellent product and well worth 4x the cost of her previous food. Zooplus's deal on 2 x 14kg bags is the best I've found.
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Excellent product

Following vets advice have used one bag of this product so far for my 13 year old collie. The levels of creatinine and phosphorus were of concern and have now improved to be at the high end of normal. She will be on this food now permanently but it is working well and will hopefully keep my old girl going a bit longer
11/05/14 | originally published in zooplus.it
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Renal Royal Canin

The only food that suits my little boxer who has renal problems. Easy to digest and appetizing.
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Great product

I've been using this product for a few months and I would say it's the best for preserving renal function. also it is more acceptable and attractive than other brands.
07/05/14 | originally published in zooplus.it
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Great product

great product, excellent therapeutic effects for dogs with renal insufficiencies. My dogs like the taste of it too.
07/03/14 | originally published in zooplus.es
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I think it's excellent!

I think this is great, certainly the best food I've tried. My dog Lola does great on this diet (she has kidney problems from leishmaniasis).
15/01/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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The only solution for a dog with chronic renal disease

As my dog doesn't respond to any of the few treatments offered for chronic renal disease, this food is the only solution for him, to prolong his life expectancy for a few years... Only to be given on vet's advice of course!