02/17/11 | Barbora Gent

Hills food

I have 8 years old border collie.She had an operation in january and also started to have joints problem.I started to use hills food for senior dogs and her mobillity improved a lot since she is on this food.Also it did help her to get her fitness and energy back quickly after the op.She is 95% helthy dog now.. Also have a 5months old border collie puppy and he loves hills puppy food.Would be great if you did junior food from 6-12 months with lower % of proteins. Would give it 5* if it was £30 or less.


Good Food

My vet recommended when my pup was just 9 weeks old. He loved the food but I looked around and changed to cheaper food as I thought there was no value in buying expensive Hill`s food when you can get much cheaper and my pup loves it as well. But he eats more now and of course goes to toilet much more often so I think Hill`s food was not too bad for him after all. I am away to buy it now. Would give it 5* if it was £30.00 or less!