03/09/18 | Tim Wood

Decent food

Better than most dog foods, my Ridgeback liked it and did well on it. However be aware that it has a lot of corn in it a cheap calorie filler. I've moved him to Acana now but it is quite a bit more expensive. I try to eat well and try to give my dog an equally good diet.

11/12/12 | originally published in zooplus.de

They eat it up...

...our 6 month old Labrador-Munsterlander cross has had RC from the start, and we're sticking with it. She digests it great so far, is an ideal weight and her coat is beautiful and shiny. The only minus point I'd give it is the price, but most of the higher quality brands are the same kind of price anyway.

09/06/12 | Evans

Dalmatian pup

Chose this as quality was more important than price and believe we are getting a quality food and value here. He does find it uninteresting (as would I!) and we augment with scraps and sometimes some mince to get him to eat it. He's growing fast and nutrition is more important than 'spoiling him' issues. He (naturally) prefers less hard crunchy food that is moister and probably lower quality and higher fat. This food can often have a sulphurous end result too!

07/22/12 | originally published in zooplus.de

Good for growing dogs

We find this food absolutely ideal for raising puppies, but unfortunately if the dogs are white the food turns their coat a slightly brown colour over a long time. The copper content is just a bit too high for white sheepdogs.