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Fabulous reslts

My somewhat elderly Newfoundland, who has always had skin and digestive problems, now has a very nice coat with no dandruff and hardly any hair loss and a lot more energy, he is almost like a four year old again and he is eight, which is old for a Newfie. He is a very picky eater but he loves the powder. My mother has been using Hokamix for years, feeding it to our giant breed dogs, who lived to a rather old age which is rare in large dogs.
22/06/09 | Marleen
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thumbs up

I have a black, Labrador bitch that used to constantly loses hair. This product has really helped - her coat now shines and I only find a little hair around the house. Not much comes out when I'm grooming her now either. This product saves loads of money on vaccum cleaner bags and has not given my dog any complications at all.
22/06/09 | Theo
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Since we started feeding our dogs (Australian-Lab mix and Yorky-Whippet mix) Hokamix, they have had glossy coats, they hardly molt any more and are noticeably in better shape. Definitely recommend this!