16/11/21 | Elsa
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Amazing results!

I've bought sea weed combined with Lupo and Royal Canin mobility support, and my pug is like a new dog! I recommend this product with salmon oil mixed with Royal Canin mobility care and Lupo, for all those owners who own fur babies with joint issues.
12/11/21 | Alicja Ryan
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Dogs love it

I gave it a 1 star previously as package was damaged and product was all over the box, however zooplus refunded swiftly. I have been using it for few days now, it smells good and dogs love it. Too early to see the health benefits but so far so good. I'll be ordering it again.
02/05/18 | Angela Sharp
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Excellent product

Feed this seaweed to both my dogs and find the product excellent. Not only are their coats excellent and shiny, there teeth and gums are also good. Have also found that this type of seaweed does reduce and stop fleas. The reviewer who was stupid enough to discard the product because info on tub is in German is missing out. English details are shown on Zooplus plus it quite easy to understand the German feeding guidelines.
30/10/16 | Lucy Beaghen
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Bad breath gone!

I got this for my cat who has grain free dry and wet food but he has had a lot of sores on his gums and bad breath. Since he has been having this (two weeks now) his breath is good and gums are better! So I would give it a whorl for cats and dogs. I don't read German but I think a teaspoon for dogs and a pinch for cats and not for the hyperthyroid patients out there. Oh and I eat it and my chickens have it too! Fantastic value.
22/10/16 | Matt
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Excellent value

Very useful product at a great price, far better value than similar seaweed pet supplements from other companies. In response to the previous 'one star' reviewer who was upset that the text on the packaging is in German, I would like to point them to the product page on this very site. Click on the feeding guide tab right here on Zooplus and you will see clear and concise dosage directions for cats and dogs written in English.

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