Really good quality food and every dog I've had has loved it. I have a very fussy JRT now who tends to pick at dry food when the mood takes him and he eats this happily. His skin and fur always seem very silky when he's on this food and his energy levels seem good too. It's also great to support a local business from the UK as it's based down the road from me.
10/15/15 | Adele

Top quality food

I cannot recommend this food highly enough. My Golden Retriever suffered from sporadic seizures since she was six months old (she's now almost 9). The vet could not pinpoint why. After a lot of research, I decided three years ago to completely change her diet to Applaws & a small amount of fresh meat. She has not had another seizure since - I can only assume her previous food contained something artificial that did not agree with her. Both my dogs love this food & eat with gusto. I buy two 7.5kg bags at a time so save a little money, the quality of the food is well worth it. Zooplus have been excellent - I recently received a bag that had split in transit. They replaced this with no quibble. Excellent service from zooplus.
09/19/15 | Lynn Helbert

So happy with this food

I've attempted to feed my almost 11year old lab dry food on a number of occasions without success,most of the time it's gone in the bin, but after reading the reviews about Applaws, and more importantly,the ingredients, I thought I'd give it a go and bought the small 2kg size. Well,what a great success! He sniffed it, and I thought oh here we go,and expected him to walk away,but no he wolfed the lot of it and left the bowl empty! He's done this every time I've fed it to him, plus with it being such a good quality and filling food, I've found I've not had to feed him as much of it either so although more expensive than supermarket brands,it goes further,good news all round! Happy Freddie and happy me!
09/01/15 | terri moore

My dog loves it!!!

My dog has kidney disease and after a bad spell he would not eat his normal dry food. Took me ages to get to the point he would eat any so tried different products to tempt him and he loved this one, eats a whole bowl of it now...so happy!!

Great condition

Been feeding this to my 12 year old boarder collie for 2 years, she looks in great health, shinny fur, wet nose and sparkly eyes, she loves this food. I give her half as much as the other dogs eating the cheaper branded foods so it's last longer per gram. Don't over feed your dog, they will digest their food better and want their next feed!!!
09/20/14 | Paul Allen

Great Product!

My German Shepherd suffers with bad digestion. This food is the only one that truly agrees with him.
08/24/14 | Jess

Won't be changing food again!

I tried my 12 year old Lhasa on this food a year ago when I managed to get it on offer. She loved it and did very well on it but when it came to repurchasing, I couldn't find it for as good a price as I had paid before so put her on something else. Big mistake! She has many health problems but suffers in particular with bad skin and itchy ears and paws. She also went off her food (usually very greedy) and was vomiting after meals. I put her back on Applaws and within two weeks I could see a huge difference. She loves this food and is so much more comfortable due to it being hypoallergenic and grain free, and I will never change it again!
02/28/14 | Nadine

a very high quality product without a high price

The ingredients list of this product speaks volumes about the quality of this dog food. Most other dry kibble packs will list a cereal or grain as their first (and therefore primary) ingredient. This is chicken and veg. Simple. Moreover, it's mostly chicken from meat and not derivatives! This puts this product into the same league as Lily's Kitchen (another brand I highly recommend) but at this price, it allows you to feed your dog real food, with real and fitting ingredients, at an affordable price. I studied canine nutrition as part of my degree and I choose to feed my dog foods which list actual meat as the key ingredient, not cereals or meat meal.

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