11/04/18 | 🥕Charlotte
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Very good

Very good, stronger than expected, quite stiff to move though, over all, great product, Hammies love it
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Good bridge!

I bought this for my 2 female mice and they love it. I put bedding and treats on it for them to get and they love running along it, Only thing is it's pretty annoying trying to put it on but my cage has very narrow bar spacing so it's probably that. Otherwise brilliant toy and a nice price
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Cool bridge

This is generally a really good bridge - it looks really good in the cage and is easy to bend to shape but feels generally strong. Having said that I accidently snapped one end off straight away, but as we are using it as a ramp it doesn't matter. The eyelets are a bit on the small side, but should fit most bars. Generally a good product for the price.
25/06/09 | Jude Winnall
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Great ladder for gerbils

This long bridge or walkway has two little hooks each end to hang from the cage wire. The hooks are a little flimsy though and I have had to replace them with larger curtain wire hooks. I bought two of these hanging bridges (with the Rodent Cage Habitat XL) and am pleased with the length. We use them as ladders and our gerbils scramble up and down them to different levels. They also love to tunnel underneath the bottom end of the walkway, as it acts as a support when resting on the wood shavings. You can bend the bridge to shape and they are strong enough to hold the gerbils weight. Very good value for money.

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