11/29/18 | Debs

Huge cabin

I bought this amongst other wooden items for my hamster. I went for the guinea pig size cabin as I read the hamster size was way too small. This is perfect! Spacious and built well. Only one criticism, the stair attachment had a sharp nail sticking out so I’ve removed it and replace it with steps, less steep for my hamster to climb. Would recommend this item but just check it over for sharp bits before using. My hamster really loves it. She sits on the roof !

04/13/18 | Vylisa

My Rats Love This

Bought this for my two rats and they both love it. Sleep in it all the time, they prefer it to their hammock. Went for the larger one intended for guinea pigs and there's plenty room. My one concern would be the dowels that keep the upper floor in place seem a bit flimsy and as I need to take the top off to get it out of the cage for cleaning, I'm worried they might snap. But it hasn't happened yet.

05/26/15 | carly

Great for degus!

my degus love this house its big enough for them to both fit in (large house) and they love nibbling the windows to create more holes

05/06/15 | amy

Not bad

For the price its not bad but is cheaply made and isnt the same quality as the ones you see in pet shops for the RRP. No good for a syrian hamster, ive ordered 2 and on one of them the upstairs door is only 1 1/2cm wide! Overall for the price its a cute little hidy house but probably better for mice.


Small Or large?

For a syrian hamster, I did not know whether to go for the small house or the large, so I decided to go for both! The small house is tiny and I would only recommend it is used for ants or something tiny!! The large house is being used just now in my cambridge cage, hamster loves it, she sleeps in the bottom and her food is kept on the top level, it does take up a lot of room so I'm not sure how long I will keep it in the cage before changing things round. For the price, these houses are brilliant!

09/06/12 | Jo

Guinea pig Two Storey House

Lovely looking item & good quality. Easy to put together. Only down side is that it seems to be a little on the small side for guinea pigs - ours are too big to fit inside the top floor flat so they both use the one downstairs! We have taken the front off of the top part to make an upper feeding platform instead.They love it just the same.



I bought this for my two rats and the size is good, also the little windows and the second level are well thought out. The only complaint I would state is that it is not quite as sturdy as it looks on the picture, the pieces of wood are glued with the glue visible in some places and when my two rats play and knock the house about, the attached bits (upper level house) come a bit loose. However, this house has no nails or sharp bits and the rats do like to chew on it too. Good, but not excellent.