08/27/17 | Aisling

Great purchase

This is one of the best things I've bought for my hamster. She also has a wire enclosure but spends all her time biting the bars and trying to get out of it. There's none of that with the Skyline Arizona. It's tall and heavy enough that escape is impossible as long as you don't put any object too close to the side. As it's solid-sided, my hamster concentrates on her toys and doesn't try to escape. It's plenty big and easy to assemble. Delighted with my purchase!

05/30/17 | Elaine Elliott

Great for any hamster

This is one of the best hamster purchases I've made. It is bigger than it looks, but not too big to put up. Loads of space for our Syrian to run around and for toys as well. Big enough I can sit in it with my legs stretched out ( corner to corner) for taming sessions. Looks nice too. I think the little wood lugs that slot together could break if it was taken up and down regularly though. I keep ours up permanently near the cage. Our Syrian spends a good hour every night in it.

03/25/15 | Ricki

Best rodent run out there

Got this for my year old Syrian hamster (called Riat) in January this year (2015), I wanted something sturdy and tall so that Riat wouldn't climb out. This run does the job, it is more than tall enough and also very spacious so you can fit a fair few toys and climbing frames in there. I myself have it connected to the hamsters cage with tubes so Riat can have constant access to the run. However I will say this, if you place it on carpet don't be surprised when your rodent chews a hole in the carpet in the corner of the run! My advice would be to lay something underneath like a mat that isn't chewable. This product is lightweight and fits together very easily. Your rodents will appreciate the freedom and new space, and you won't have to worry about supervising your companion animal constantly but do make sure they have access to food and water if you plan to keep them in the run for a while.

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