04/04/16 | Imogen

Seems more like straw but bunnies love

I bought the big bale, it seems more like straw than it does hay though .. Either way, it smells soooo good and my 4 bunnies seem to love it

Fantastic Hay!

I bought the 12kg pack and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised about the amazing quality of this hay. Nice, fresh, green, non-dusty, easy to move out of bag and perfect grass length. My piggies are very happy with it.
06/10/14 | Dawn


I have bought various feeding hays for my fussy bunnies and piggies.... this is fab, they all love it. Bought the large bale as normally buy two small ones a week....works out really good value for money :)
03/06/14 | Clare Brown

Best hay ever!.

My guinea pig's love this hay it's soft clean non dusty. When buying hay I have to be careful because some of my guinea pig's have a sensitive palate is where they can easy jag their mouth on sharp stalky hay. This hay seem's to suit them and no mouth injury's. My guinea pig's love this because they love making a nice warm cozy bed in this hay. This hay lasts a while and it's good quality for your money.

Guinea's on strike!

I have finally run out of this hay which has been brilliant and the my two guinea's have loved it. I have just bought a shop tightly packed bag of hay which they just keep looking to see when I am going to feed them! This is just the best hay I will not bother with any others again. It lasts forever and stays fresh and smells great. Guinea pigs delight
03/27/13 | Rileys_Rascals

Lovely hay

All 6 of my (very fussy) bunnies love this hay! It is beautifully green, smells sweet and gets munched immediately! Also a good price for the volume of hay compared to other brands. Only criticism is that there is quite a bit of shorter dusty bits mixed in but its easy to shake off.
01/10/13 | almarie stratford


this hay is amazing. the two guinea pigs run out their little house to pounce on the stuff. Its soft and smell good. I dont find it dusty. they love it and dont stop munching on it.
12/16/12 | poppy

fussy bunnies appeased (at last)

you know those personal shoppers for the super rich, well my job is harder than that. living in the uk and finding really top quality meadow hay for my 8 bunnies is a 'challenge'. but this stuff got 10s across the board from the bunny judges tonight. they fell on it like locusts. it's fresh, fine stalked, soft, sprinkled with herbs, a beautiful green colour and smells so good i wanted to eat it myself. and delivery was super quick too. thanks zooplus for stocking these european hays.
11/20/12 | Jane

Bunnies love it

This 14kg bale of hay is not only good value but good quality. Lots of long stems which the bunnies love to eat , they can`t get enough of it :)
08/22/11 | teresa

my chinchillas love this

excellent hay decent size bale 14kg defo buy again on a regular bases, nice smell on the green side along with stalky bits and my chins love it!! best buy and value for the money!! thankyou zooplus ;)
05/26/11 | Kerstin H.

The only hat she will eat

I have tried various types of hay in the past, but finally found a brand my 2 year old Mini lop likes. And it is a great price too.

Great essential for rabbits

Really impressed with the hay, so glad I ordered 4 bags! Quite stalky, good for wearing teeth and quite green in colour which is always a good sign of good hay! Good sized bags and full, a bit of dust/loose bits at the bottom but mainly good quality.

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