12/11/18 | Fiona

Best cage I’ve ever seen

Was a bit fiddly to put together but well worth it. Have mainly had plastic cages before this where bits kept snapping off which is virtually impossible with this cage. It’s only our first day of having it but our hamster loves it and so do I. It’s very chic looking and has plenty of space for her to run around and for all her toys as well. Only downside is the picture shows 4 clips to fix the top of the cage to the bottom but mine only came with 2 not a big problem but 4 would’ve been better
12/06/18 | shauna linay

good for mice only!

this cage is a great cage if you have a mousr or a pair of mice. its a good size for them and has levels for climbing which mice enjoy to do. HOWEVER please do not buy this cage for you hamsters. hamsters need a bigger cage which has to be at least 80x50 cm (lxw) or more. hmaster also prefer to burrow instead of climbing and they have bad depth perception so could fall down or off the ramps. this cage is more expensie than other great cages such as the barney cage which is a better choice.
10/21/18 | Shannon

Could not be better

Reading all of these reviews kind of put me off purchasing this product, but I got it anyway because it looked a great size for my Syrian Hamster to live in. It arrived when expected. My hamster loves the cage and if you are wondering if to purchase it or not then do it! It is well worth the money!
09/30/18 | M B

Overall a good cage, a few improvements needed

Arrived with the base shattered in several places, but as it was needed asap to replace a tiny cage from petsathome (recommended by staff in store) I decided to just try my best to patch it up with sticky tape. Varnished all the wood with Plastikote (extra £10 spent). The logs, wheel and house are too small for a Syrian. Had to make my own border for the food level (top), but will probably make one for the middle level too. No water bottle was included. Pictures uploaded. Overall happy.
08/25/18 | Julie Jordan

Mouse mansion!

This cage is very big and my three girls love it. It's fiddly to put together, especially alone. Sealing the floors and slopes is essential, I'd have rather that they were plastic with sides for ease of cleaning. Overall it's not easy to clean, doors are small, not enough of them or in the right place. I ordered two, one arrived with a crack in the corner of the base which was very annoying. Base clips are flimsy and feel insecure for it's weight and height, it is quite heavy Lovely size though!
12/14/17 | Georgia

Good size but not practical

I have had this cage for a few months now and my two female mice love it. There's lots of space and they have not escaped from it. However, the wooden platforms can not be covered with anything and my mice have soiled the wood very badly. Cleaning it from the wood is very difficult and it's beginning to smell so I'm going to have to replace the floor.
01/27/17 | Stephanie Martin

Great Mouse Cage!

I absolutely love this cage. I'm using it for a (very spoilt) single male mouse. It was easy to set up and the accessories are a great size for a mouse! He definitely can't get out with the cage spacing either! I coated the shelves for extra protection and my mouse loves the toys that come with the cage! The wheel is okay, a good size, but I found it difficult to attach. Its not as nice as his current one though but would be a great starter wheel.


Bought this for my dwarf, very spacious , easy to put together , easy access although hard to get big items in middle section as you would need to take shelves out and back in, so i have just put my smaller toys in that area , would defiently recommend!
08/21/16 | Leigh Radburn


Ordered this cage which come with in 3 days the wheel was damaged but with one email to Zoo plus this was resolved and was able to purchase the wheel some where else in stead of returning everything can't fault them excellent cage it self was not easy to put together but once up is a great sturdy spacious cage
04/22/15 | James


I bought this cage last year for my hamster and decided to buy another for a hamster I adopted. It's a fabulous spacious cage. The hamsters adore running and climbing everywhere. I do agree that it is a little fiddly to put together but once it is together it is brilliantly sturdy, solid, safe and secure A must for our little furry friends
04/18/15 | James

So good I bought another!!!

I bought this cage last year for Digit, my Syrian hamster. I've just purchased another as I've recently adopted another Syrian from a pet store. This cage is totally amazing!!! Lots of space to place and discover!!! A little tricky to put together but this shows how sturdy the cage is One pleased customer 2 pleased hamsters
03/28/15 | Kelly Kira

bought for my male chinese hamster.

It's a lovely solid cage. Bar spacing ideal for a dwarf hamster. My only complaint is my shelves where not in the box. I did call Zooplus straight away and they are refunding me £15. I did buy one of the large wooden climbing towers luckily so he has that to play on untill hubby makes his floors with plywood we have. At least I can improvise with them around his playground. Overall very happy with what I paid
11/14/14 | Cathy Cadden

Big Mouse cage

I find this cage spacious & the mice love all the levels, Plenty of room for extra enrichment toys & bedrooms etc. Only downside is cleaning out which is rather time consuming as they seem to use the top level as their loo area & it takes a while for the wooden floors to dry out before they can go back in & have to spend at least a few hours in cleaning out cage Overall quite happy with it
08/16/14 | Lesley bell

Fantastic cage!!

My hamster was constantly climbing and chewing his bars, ignored his wheel and just looked bored. So I did an online search for a big cage and this is the only large cage I could find, and wow how glad am I! The cage was despatched from Germany and arrived in a week. It comes in a large box with 2 plywood levels, large black horizontal barred cage with 3 small side openings and a large top opening, 2 ladders, pins to hold levels in place, a large white plastic base, 2 plastic clips to secure base to cage (2 handle like pieces also but haven't figured them out yet) a plywood see-saw, a wooden house with red roof (please do as other reviews say and thoroughly wash this as it is FULL of nasty dye!) 2 bark covered logs that only a dwarf hamster could crawl through, and the biggest hamster wheel I've ever seen! This cage was simple to construct- but a tad fiddly. I placed the top shelf lower than the instructions show to allow the giant wheel to fit on the top shelf. I scrubbed then steeped the red roof and geez the red dye that came off! I have an albino teddy bear so wasn't risking having a pink hamster! The base is large and deeper than any hamster cage I've had before. The ladders are quite steep and not secured only sits in grooves but work great. The house door also seems to be made for dwarf hamsters so winston refuses to enter. The side doors make getting into each level rather fiddly but there's no other way to design such a fab cage I suppose. The openings at each level are wide so winston often falls down them, but it's not a hire drop. All bars are horizontal so I had to squeeze the water bottle nozzle through but it's ok. All in all I think this is the best cage ever! I'm worried about the plywood absorbing liquids but we shall wait see if that happens. My hamster has gone from chewing and climbing bars and never even looking at his teeny cage, and every time cage opened, desperate to escape, to playing constantly, loving running in his new wheel and not wanting to leave his cage! Total transformation!!!

Excellent cage for hamsters that love to climb!

My hamster Evie was in a longer, low ,tank style cage, but was constantly trying to climb. I purchased this cage because of it's height and full levels, although I was concerned that it wasn't as long as I would have liked. Evie is a small Syrian hamster, so I decided to try the cage anyway. I was really impressed with the speed of delivery - I ordered on a Sunday afternoon before a Bank Holiday Monday and the cage was delivered on Wednesday. The cage was well packaged and in perfect condition. The bars are quite strong. I decided to only use one of the included levels to allow me to use taller toys in both spaces and I constructed some smaller wooden shelves for additional space and to prevent Evie from falling too far. I would have preferred the base to be a little deeper, to stop the substrate from falling out, but at approx. 10cm deep, it isn't as shallow as many cages and I simply stood the cage inside of a deeper tray to catch the mess! Evie seems really settled in this cage and, despite my fears, it does give her plenty of space to explore, especially with the extra levels. I would recommend this cage for smaller Syrians who enjoy climbing, or dwarf hamsters, as the bars are narrow. Large Syrians would probably benefit from a longer cage.
05/23/14 | Sally

Lovely cage

I bought this cage recently and I’m very happy with it. I bought it for my Syrian hamster, Coco, as I found he didn’t like going up and down the plastic tubes in his previous cage, which resulted in him jumping off one of the platforms in the cage and hurting his back leg. He’s absolutely fine now but after that happened I wanted to find a cage that 1) didn’t have any tubes between the levels and 2) had platforms that ran the full length/width of the cage so he wouldn’t be able to jump off them! When you look at cages online this is easier said than done but then my husband found this one and it’s perfect. It’s a really lovely, generous size, so now Coco has lots of room to explore and it didn’t take him long to get used to going up and down the ladders. The base arrived with very small cracks in two places but I guess that can happen to plastic things when in transit, and they were nothing worth complaining about or requesting a replacement for. It didn’t take us too long to put together – working out what levels to put the platforms on was the trickiest part, to make sure the ladders weren’t too steep. I didn’t use the house or wheel that came with the cage as I already had other ones, but I put the see-saw in, along with some other enrichments. I didn’t put the wooden logs in as I knew Coco would try to squeeze through the small holes and probably get his head stuck! All in all he seems very happy in his new abode and I’d say it’s definitely worth the money to have a happy hammy! Highly recommended.

Happy hamster!

Very quick delivery, sent a text In the morning by DPD with an hour delivery slot which was very useful. Cage arrived undamaged and well packaged. Shelves were a little fiddly to get in but they are very secure once in place. Accessories are rather small for our Syrian hamster but we just used the ones from our previous cage so not a problem. There is lots of space to run around in and add additional toys, cardboard tubes etc. well worth paying a little more than you would in a pet store for a much better cage! Would definitely recommend this cage, lovely to watch Cookie happily exploring her new mansion! :-)
05/11/14 | James Jackson

Hamster heaven!

After doing a lot of research to find Digit the best home I came across zooplus and their amazing selection of cages! I decided on the leon cage and must say I made the right choice! Digit loves her new home. She runs up and down the levels and it's great to leave little treats hidden on the different levels so she doesn't get bored. The cage is amazing in size and price. Thank you zooplus for a superb hamster heaven home !!!
03/31/14 | Margaret Silvera

Fab cage for Milo Syrain hamster

This is such a fab cage for my daughters hamster Milo. He is so happy and more active. It is such fun to watch him burrowing under the woodchips and looking for his treats and toys, and climbing up the ladders and sliding across the wire. He is so funny. thank you Zooplus for great service and cage.
01/11/14 | J Okanay

A good quality all around cage

I purchased the Fun Area Leon Cage for my childrens Syrian Hamster after researching several cages and reading the reviews. I am very happy with the cage and from what I can tell so is Charlie the Hamster. It is a large cage with plenty of space for a Syrian Hamster. We modified the cage to our liking, added an 11.5 wheel and lots of toys. The toys that came with the cage are OK, but not great. Our Hammy likes the red roof house and has already chewed up one of the logs. The see saw is a bit useless and won't even stay together properly. I believe the wheel is too small for a Syrian and too noisy, but honestly our Hamster didn't seem to mind the wheel which he used for a week before we replaced it. The small doors make it a bit fiddly to access the lower levels but again this is not a big problem in the grand scheme of things and since cutting back half of the top floor this is much easier now for us. I don't believe there are any out of the box perfect cages out there for a Syrian, but this one is pretty close.

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