30/09/18 | M B
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Overall a good cage, a few improvements needed

Arrived with the base shattered in several places, but as it was needed asap to replace a tiny cage from petsathome (recommended by staff in store) I decided to just try my best to patch it up with sticky tape. Varnished all the wood with Plastikote (extra £10 spent). The logs, wheel and house are too small for a Syrian. Had to make my own border for the food level (top), but will probably make one for the middle level too. No water bottle was included. Pictures uploaded. Overall happy.
14/11/14 | Cathy Cadden
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Big Mouse cage

I find this cage spacious & the mice love all the levels, Plenty of room for extra enrichment toys & bedrooms etc. Only downside is cleaning out which is rather time consuming as they seem to use the top level as their loo area & it takes a while for the wooden floors to dry out before they can go back in & have to spend at least a few hours in cleaning out cage Overall quite happy with it
11/01/14 | J Okanay
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A good quality all around cage

I purchased the Fun Area Leon Cage for my childrens Syrian Hamster after researching several cages and reading the reviews. I am very happy with the cage and from what I can tell so is Charlie the Hamster. It is a large cage with plenty of space for a Syrian Hamster. We modified the cage to our liking, added an 11.5 wheel and lots of toys. The toys that came with the cage are OK, but not great. Our Hammy likes the red roof house and has already chewed up one of the logs. The see saw is a bit useless and won't even stay together properly. I believe the wheel is too small for a Syrian and too noisy, but honestly our Hamster didn't seem to mind the wheel which he used for a week before we replaced it. The small doors make it a bit fiddly to access the lower levels but again this is not a big problem in the grand scheme of things and since cutting back half of the top floor this is much easier now for us. I don't believe there are any out of the box perfect cages out there for a Syrian, but this one is pretty close.
31/07/13 | kathleen
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really good cage for my 9 girlies

i have 9 mice in this cage and i have been very impressed with it. however i have had to use japlac on the shelves as they are made from wood and can easily soak up any mess. also i have found with both the shelves in i was unable to put all the toys in and hangs so i only use one shelf and i am able to fit loads more toys in there. the tray is kinda flimsy and when we got it through the post it had a small crack in the corner that has only grown. having said that having duct tape there has slowed it down. i have also purchased the barney hamster cage for my male mice and when i have less mice i am planning on joining the 2 together which means i can get rid of the tray for this one. other than that the delivery was very speedy and i have been on here more since i have got this cage however i think i have exhausted this website for random toys for my little furries. however i regularly get bedding from here and sometimes get my babas a little something whether it be treats or toys because the prices are so competitive.
16/09/10 | Kirsty
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I have a very happy minnie

I bought this cage for my hamster minnie as i had a really small one from pets at home, they dont seem to supply big cages and i soon learned that my cage was more for dwarf hamsters and i have a syrian, her wheel barley worked beacuse of her weight and it was cheap plastic, she is not fat but she has got really big, some people say she is boardering on guinnea pig lol, so i felt that she really needed more space, i bought her this cage and i dont think she could be happier, granted the layers are really tricky to get in, i hope she pees on the sawdust as i dont ever wanna talk them back out to clean, my tray also turned up abit cracked but after waiting long enough i just taped it. i do worry some how she will get out as her cage before was more plastic so less risky, she is an escape artist. i also bought her the wooden wheel which is fantastic, i can now see she was desperate for a wheel. very very happy minnie with a hole lot more space, she dont want to come out any more :( xx
04/03/10 | mel
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huge hamster hotel!

i have 1 syrian hamster (honeysuckle) and she LOVES this cage, theres lots for here to do and tons of space to run around in. its massive, my mum walked it to the room after i assembled it and said 'wow its a hamster hotel' i've given it 4 stars though cos the base had a crack in it when it arrived, rather than send it back i just taped it up! best cage ever!! :o)
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Great Rat Cage

Pleased to find this cage: Searched high and low for a decent sized, well made, affordable rat cage that wasn't too deep to fit limited space in a flat and had a plastic, not metal (heavy) base for these dimensions. This is suitable for two rats according to cage size calculator on rat welfare websites. FLOORS: However, same sites say wood floors could get smelly with rats, so replaced with two v. cheap and perfectly fitting plastic (removable and washable) chopping boards as half-floors. Holes drilled in corners to fix to bars and to secure the ladders that came with the cage. The rats love climbing space so the mezanine floor arrangement works better than complete floors may have done, I suspect. We added a plastic tube 'house' and some home-made hammocks to increase play area and they tear around from top to bottom, wrestling, chasing each other and stashing things. One loves the wheel, which is fine for a 9-week female ratlet, but may have to be replaced if she grows much bigger. LITTLE HOUSE: We are also using the little house but without its front on (door otherwise too small). NOTE it needs a good soak in hot water to remove xs red dye from roof: I first thought my new ratlet had injured herself with bright red patch on her tail until it became obvious as to its source! HANDLES & CLIPS Have had to fit handles so semisecured by base clips through them, as rats otherwise would regularly pull them into cage (because they can of course!) Irritating when you come to lift cage and they aren't there. You could of course just take them off until you need them. Impressed with spare clips to fix base to cage top in case of chewing. REALLY PLEASED WITH THIS CAGE. GOOD VALUE DESPITE LIMITIONS OF ACCESSORIES, especially with introductory 10%discount. EXCELLENT DELIVERY, 4 days after order.
16/03/07 | sarah
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ideal for mice

the bars are small enough to ensure mice don't escape and the overall cage is a great size. much more generous than any other mice cages on the market. is also large enough for a hamster, gerbils or a single rat.

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