26/07/10 | Mark Underwood
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Ferplast 120 - but not the one shown

My Ferplast 120 tuned up today. Although there is a clear statement on the web site that the base is grey, mine was actually red, nor was it of the design shown in the picture. Furthermore, purchasers need to be aware there are two types of Ferpalst 120 cage. The one shown in most pictures has a bedroom with an arched door attached to the long back wall of the cage. The second has a bedroom that is totally different and is attached to one of the side walls - in effect it is a bigger bedroom, but it does free space in the cage a little. It is also slightly higher that the small bedroom, which might make it more difficult for a guinea pig to access the upstairs floor of the bedroom. I could have returned this cage under the distance selling laws simply because it was neither the colour nor internal design of the one ordered. However, I have three guinea pigs and the larger bedroom is more suited to their need. Of note, my cage was shipped from France ??????? Be warned that you may not get what you ordered with this cage. Zooplus need to tighen their act up.

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