28/11/16 | Benji
: 5/5

Portia's favourite

I have tried several hamster foods for Portia and this is definitely her favourite. She eats all of the different foods in there. With other brands I have found there are one or two things that she does not touch.
22/11/16 | Joanna V
: 5/5

Amazing Hamster Muesli

Bought the 2 pack deal and were bigger than I expected - great value for money. Contains the usual peas, sweet corn, peanuts, sunflower seeds plus some other bits & grains but so so so much better quality and good size bits for hand feeding. No sharp pieces, other brands the grain is rather pointy. Will be buying this brand from now on - high recommend this.
19/09/15 | Laura McClean
: 5/5

The best for my babies

This food is adored by my 5 dwarf Hammies! It is important however, that you use this food along with a more core hamster food. I use this food along with the amazing Bunny dwarf hamsterdream food which is also available on this website. Therefore I am getting all their favourite treats and snacks mixed into one feeding!!
14/06/15 | Cassandra Lock
: 5/5

Happy Hamsters

I have a Syrian Hamster and a Russian Dwarf and they both Absolutly Love this food. I will Never buy food from UK Pet Stores again
: 5/5

Crispy Muesli

We have 19 dwarf hamsters! and find this food is a favourite, it has lots of different ingredients. The pieces are a good size and includes peanuts and sunflower seeds. Especially happy as there are no sharp ingredients which can damage pouches. Zippy loves the crispy pieces.
: 5/5

Best Hamster Food Ener!

This food is great and realy healthy for your hamster. Cheap and quick delivery, you can't beat it!