09/09/17 | Blade

Take 5

I hated getting my strong black claws cut, I used to really play up at the vets and it would take 5 , 4 people to hold me still 1 to cut. On one occasion the top man even broke his best clippers ha ha, being large strong and powerful really can help sometimes. So now I get them done in the comfort of my own home,with these Tixie deluxe claw clippers, I think the vets happier too and I have new meaning for Take 5, just lay back and relax.

01/06/16 | Miss Parker


These clippers are pretty large and sharp which is just what we needed; We needed something for our 2 year old cat. You could definitely cut large dogs' nails with them too!

01/26/11 | Lynne

Good Value

Found these clippers nice to use even on very tough nails .Nice product and very good value.