17/11/17 | Kay Dudman
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Excellent quality - keeps piggies dry

I use this bedding for my guinea pigs. It is extremely good at absorbing urine, keeping them dry underfoot. It is practically dust-free, so does not give a problem with respiratory issues that can occur with other types of bedding. It is easy to use. Highly recommended.
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Great Piggie bedding

I've recently adopted two guinea pigs so have been trying out some different beddings to see what suits us. I found this stuff great. I put it on top of newspaper and puppy pad liners. It seems to keep the piggies dry and smell free. I'll definitely be sticking with this one.
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Great fpr guineas

I bought this last week and was rather sceptical. I was completely changing out my guinea pigs three times a week but this stuff has revolutionised that! I did a spot clean yesterday but the bedding is still OK, dry and clean after five days. Worth every penny in my mind. Great product and speedy delivery!
12/01/12 | debbie
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superb dust free for snuffles bunny

My old frenchie housebun is now 7yrs old and been a snuffles bun for a few years..now its affecting his breathing. I am asthmatic and we were both suffering from litter tray litter anbd bedding that claimed to be virtually dust free or dust extracted. the dust was appalling and paper litter wasnt comfy for his snoozles in his tray. Bed o linum is the best stuff ive found...NO DUST..perfect for him and his missus and our three little buns upstairs and me! compostable...soaks up a lot of wee...and buns love to nom it too. Wished id used ot sooner.