30/12/21 | Jeremiah O Brien
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Good Hay

Our Guinea pig loves this hey compared to so many other brands and sizes he was never to keen on
01/03/21 | Joanne
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A depressing decline in quality :(

This used to be my guinea pigs favourite hay, it was fresh, long strand and almost dust free, so I bought the big bales. Since then, the quality of the hay has DRASTICALLY declined. I’m sad to say just how much dust and debris I found in recent bags. What I received last was 24kg of green powder, logs, sticks and leafs along with what appeared to be dung. Luckily ZooPlus helped me acquire a refund, their customer service is phenomenal & staff are exceptional. Not their fault at all.
26/12/18 | Beth Shankland
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Very good hay

Wasn’t sure about buying this product at first due to other reviews. But very pleased with product, bought 2 bags - both very nice bags of hay, not really dusty & my guineas love it! Will definately buy again
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Good Buy

My rabbits were a little hesitant to start eating this and aren't eating quite as much as they are supposed to, but there was no dust and it smells nice and fresh.
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Excellent hay

Risked buying this despite the bad reviews and I'm glad I did, excellent quality hay, guinea pigs loved it.
13/10/17 | Brandon
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Great value hay

Great value hay 2.5kg lasts with our bunny a long time! Our bun loves this hay, much better than the stuff we can find in stores.
22/07/16 | penny
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My rabbits tucked into this which is very pleasing add they aren't big hay eaters. It smells lovely and is nice and fresh. No dust. My Guinea pigs live it, though they aren't so fussy as the buns!
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Very happy

My guinea pigs love it.
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21/04/12 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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very sweet smelling

this hay smells sweet and fresh. my rabbits like it and im pleased with the quality too
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10/08/11 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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my chinchillas love this hay!!

this is very good hay my chinnies like it very much, i am going to try the mountain meadow hay next time as i have a fair few chinnies to feed and will get the 14kg bail and see what they think of it!! but very happy with this would defo recomend it
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