27/05/20 | Magdalena
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Quite good for it's price

I got the octagonal run today. Very easy to put together and quite big I would say as for it's price. The only problem I have with the run is the fact that you need extra - perhaps tent pegs- to attach it better to the ground. What's included in the package will not hold the run for too long as the piece of metal that holds it together is too short. Also, you would need to put extra wire to put the walls of the run together but that's a minor thing. Overall, I would recommend this run.
23/07/16 | Shannon
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Good for price

Nice pen, good price! You would probably need an extra person to help assemble it. I am using this indoors in the sitting room. My 5 month old French Lop X can jump over it when in the pen and wants out however, and he nearly broke his back and leg when he underestimated the height and landed awkwardly, so I have to leave the net over it at all times, which is a shame. I'm happy he has the little extra space to roam around when I'm not there though.
24/04/14 | suzie
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happy guineas

I bought this last summer from zooplus for my 4 guineas to use as a run for grazing. Was really pleased. I bought a small den to go with it, also from zooplus, and now i use it all year round. Some accessories to go with it and its a guinea pig haven with loads of space and easy to move around the garden. I swap and change which guinea pigs to go in it as i have two males and two females. So those that are not in it liue in the hutch so i may consider buyin a 2nd one. My only complaint is that because it can be very fiddly my bucks have figured how to stick their heads underneath the bars and push up the whole side to get out underneath and into the garden. This happened a few times but its avoidable if the ground is firm enough to hold the pins in. Still, am very happy with the run.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5


i got this for my 2 rabbits reading some reviews was making me doubt my decision to buy it, i ordered it in the afternoon and it was there the next day so great delivery, higher than i had pictured so my 2 rabbits wont escape, and the overall size is fab. It didnt have instructions, but if you use common sence it isnt hard to work out how to put it up. we wont be buying the base as the reviews are not great so instead have got a massive blanket for under it.