07/25/21 | Sonia Salmon

Made my cats ill!

This made my cats very sick! On closer inspection it was mainly jelly and what meat they was was like elastic bands and even made me heave just looking at it. I've stopped buying Felix and anything by Purina as even their gourmet little tins made all my four cats sick with the runs! I now by Sheba fish selection and whiskers 1+ and Weebox and iams biscuits. Cats are much happier, I wouldn't touch Felix or any Purina products if it were free!


Absolute rubbish, makes cats sick

Terrible, terrible food. The chicken and salmon make all my cats vomit. Absolute substandard junk. Ordered it by accident, thought I was reordering the Sheba. I realised when it arrived and thought I'll try them in case it's changed. I introduced it gradually and straight away they're throwing up. Zooplus should not sell this. Bought the multipack, 132, and it's all going in the bin.

11/09/17 | len ruel

problems on felix ?

is there a problem with felix cat food ? cats leaving / not eating beef / salmon is there a change in manufacture? year 2016 food good . so far 2017? will not be ordering any more unless uk supplier.

10/14/17 | Derek Stephenson


Delivery and prices are very good. but there is no fish only selections. My cat has tried almost every brand available but will only eat As Good As it Looks ( Fish Only) Talk about being picky. PLEASE can we have fish only selections

10/04/17 | Carol Boardman


great but no fish selection


Felix Food

My cats wont touch this food, they smell it and walk away. Next doors dog loves it, when he can get it. They love the Gourmet one.


Is Felix different?

I'm glad I read reviews before ordering. Our 2 cats have not been eating their Felix without leaving some too. Changed brand and now not a morsel left.

07/29/17 | Jane watson

What am I missing here?

I have bought from you for a long time now and have always been pleased with prices and service but lately one of my. Acts had been turning his nose up at as good as it looks. On reading the reviews I decided to buy the boxes that had the English language on the front expecting what was advertised but they have come with a different language on them so I have achieved nothing .Surely if you are advertising the boxes of food within an English written box that's what we should receive.

07/27/17 | Gill R

mine too

Archie loves this food but recently has been picky. Having read the other comments about it I wonder if there is an issue with the recipe from wherever this is sourced from. I will buy from the supermarket until I read the problem has gone away

07/26/17 | Carrie

Definitely agree!

Agree with the comments about this food being different. I thought it was just my cats being picky but I have 6 and for them all to go off it something it obviously wrong. I have about 70 pouches of the salmon flavour that I have stopped using cos I know they won't touch it, and the beef will only get eaten if they are really hungry and I offer nothing else, that's a lot of wasted money. On the whole it now works out cheaper to buy from the supermarket cos they eat it is all.

07/01/17 | Geoffrey Stoner

Why no Ocean selecion in 44 pouch boxes

Why doesn't Zooplus sell Felix "as good as it looks" in 44 pouch boxes? Cats are supposed to like fish! I buy some of the other boxes from Zooplus, but I supplement my cats requirements by buying a box of "ocean selection" from a local supermarket. It is a monthly mental battle whether to buy more boxes from the supermarket at a higher cost and consequently lower my order with Zooplus.

03/25/17 | David weall

Cats love it

Been buying from zooplus for about 18 months now and never has anything gone wrong. Price is great, delivery is great, would never buy from anywhere else now...

03/25/17 | Sheila

Made my cat sick!

I bought all these pouches thinking they'd be a decent middle price range quality having used a cheaper one (which he was fine on) and also a dearer brand (also fine). With these Felix pouches he ended up vomiting (or diarrhoea) in the house daily so after 2 weeks I had to ditch them. I have bought another brand now with no problems but it cost me a lot!! 3 large boxes of pouches donates to the local ISPCA

02/19/17 | Claire

Great food pack

Great food at great price. With great delivery. Will buy again

02/13/17 | Rae Vose

Great food at a great price

I have researched prices for Felix extensively and Zooplus are by far the cheapest. This is important when you have 5 cats! All my cats love Felix, but only the "As Good As It Looks" variety.


Ultimate tempter

My lot love this food, I tend to use it to tempt picky eaters or to hide medication in - never fails as they gobble it all up.



My cats love this mega pack. Finished all pouches and play with the empty box!!

02/06/17 | Gaenor Moore

Cats love it

This is the only cat food my cats will eat Felix as good as it looks. I have even witnessed one of them ripping open the packet! Along with great service and great price cannot go wrong.


My mogs love it!

My two cats adore Felix As Good As It Gets. It does look tasty, with plenty of meaty chunks. They won't eat anything else now. Zooplus prices are very reasonable and the service is great!

02/05/17 | Sarah

Alot cheaper than supermarkets

Our cats are fussy and will only eat as good as it looks so I go through it really fast. This is the cheapest I've found it is always delivered pretty quick.

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