20/03/21 | Joanna
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Safe ny Coco's life

My Coco, Cavalier King Charles has IBD. This food (z/d) just safe her life. She is last 3 years on it and no more serious problems with her tummy. 🙂
09/06/18 | Lynne Merrilion
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Hill excellent value

My Chihuahuas were always at vets with tummy upsets now both eat Hills Prescription food wet ZD and ID although expensive than normal dog foods and I’m a Pensioner age 71 on pension I don’t get so many vet bills because of tummy upsets
12/02/18 | Penny
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Worked for us

My dogs have been on this for 2 years now, no more itchy hotspots or dodgy tummy’s. Went through lots of tests, but if we had gone on this in the beginning could hav3 saved a fortune.
27/01/18 | Rachael
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my dog was very near being put to sleep after months of loose stools and loss of appetite put her on this food and totally transformed she has put a lot of weight back on and her coat is glossy would highly recommend this well worth the extra money
13/06/17 | Tony Baker
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My Cavalier King Charles was diagnosed with colitis 18 months ago and put on this...she really loves it and it's honestly the only dog food she's ever got excited about, I also cut it into small cubes which we use as treats & rewards...she's been fine since and would definitely recommend it and also Zooplus is so much cheaper than our vets 👍
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A lifesaver

Our dog has severe inflammatory bowel disease & this (z/d) is the only food that he can tolerate. It was recommended by our vet, after several other foods proved to be indigestible, & we are thrilled by the results. Our dog's symptoms have reduced & he has even regained some of his lost weight.
15/02/17 | Louise
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Best for allergies

Smudge, our 13 year old terrier cross has allergies ot a lot of things,. This food helps keep them under control and he bites at his paws less.
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helped to settle my dogs poorly tummy

After a really bad stomach bug my beautiful golden 10 year old cocker spaniel was left with a upset tummy, and left with a sensitivity tummy which this product has help keep under control recommend this and the dry kibbles version. Pricey but worth it
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I have five rescued Romanian Street dogs. All of them require Hill's Prescription Diet dog food, which I purchase from Zooplus. Freddie-Tinel has many health problems associated with his immune system: gut, skin, e.t.c. Hill's Z.D. is the only hypoallergenic food which he is able to tolerate. In addition, I have found Zooplus to be the cheapest supplier.
14/08/16 | Alec Bell
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Great health food

My West Highland Terrier started developing skin problems from 1 year old. The Vet told me to feed him on Hills Canine Ultra allergen free food and nothing else. He is now 10 years old and in great health. This food is a life saver.
05/04/16 | originally published in bitiba.co.uk
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Great dog food for our 15 year old terrier

Our old dog had developed a sensitivity to food that was making like pretty unpleasant for him - our vet, with a 15 year old terrier of his own suggested this food and life has got a whole lot better for our dog. He has put the lost weight back on, has no issues whatsoever and looks forward to mealtimes - now even better as the vet has suggested one and a half cans in several small portions over the day. He therefore eats little and often, again better for his stomach. Highly recommend.
16/07/15 | Lynda Payne
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worsening skin condition

My dog has been on part wet+part dry of zd ultra+ after 2months we are starting to notice the difference! Still scratching but nothing like before. Will carry on with it as i have read it takes at least 3 months to see the best results

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