22/05/21 | Deirdre Kelly
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Does what it says

I was advised to put my Fur Baby on this by the Vet, as no matter how much exercise he got, he could not loose the excess weight, he has been on this food since September 2020 and is now down to his target weight of 12.5kg, from 19.8kg .
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Hills Metabolic

Brilliant food worth the money. Maintains weight with little to no exercise which is perfect for the older dogs who need to do less.
30/06/18 | Lesley Elton
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Highly recommend

My rescue cocker spaniel Millie was 27kg the day we picked her up from HAWT just over a year ago she was like a barrel couldn't run down the garden without being out of breath. She started on this food and is now 18kg at last weigh in. Shes now healthy happy and full of energy couldn't recommend it more. Itshirts certainly worked for her.
05/11/17 | Stewart Holmes
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easy re order

I wish to thank you for the service you provide I have purchased this item several times and must say how easy it is just log on press re order job done it could not be easier in addition the delivery is very quick .
12/08/17 | Debbie Bunn
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Highly Recommend

In 16 weeks my dog has gone from over 16 kilos to 13.1 , target weight 12 , I was very sceptical but as my vet had recommend this food I thought I would give it a go. We didnt have to gradually introduce the food , although we tried but Archie was eating the Hills and leaving his old food . This food works , an thrilled with the difference in Archie , its given him a new lease of life.
19/12/16 | Anya Harriet Connolly
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Definitely worth the money

Feeding my dog this has given him His quality of life back and lots of enery, he no longer stops for a break he is on the go, being a mixed breed his stomach is very sensitive, this food however doesn't make his poop runny. He lost a lot of weight within a few months keeping to nothing but this and cut down on table scraps. I would like to thank his physio vets for this as his arthritis is now under control without medication
30/06/16 | Jane
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Brilliant does work

Two of my dogs were getting tubby and after using Butchers lean and tasty and also the Hills prescription r/d and not loosing anything decided to try this. Great success even after a short time as my Springer who is 11 was having problems with her arthritis and her weight not helping, she's now leaping about and feeling the benefits of being lighter. My working cocker also benefited as always gets tubby over winter but is now so lean and full of even more energy. Will be keeping them on this from now on as they also love it and even smells delicious to me!
18/04/16 | Lisa
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Weight loss

My overweight lab has been on this for over a year now and shes nearly hit her target weight, it really helped her would recommend with dogs that need to lose weight, its a lot cheaper to get of here as my vet charged me 75 for a 12kg bag
23/03/16 | Paul Donaghey
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My Rescue Staffy cross had weight issues,some my fault others matabolic rate. He has lost 5kilo in 3 months by being in this food. He no longer has the weight issues he is less messy on his walks and he eats all of it. Highly recommend if your vet advises this product. It is also much cheaper by buying from Zooplus than direct from your Vet
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I have 5 beagles and this has not only allowed them all to steadily and safely lose weight down to their ideal weights but also it has done so without them scavanging for food or even appearing hungry. It must be palatable as, even the fussiest dog we have loves it. It has also stabilised our diabetic dog on significantly less insulin as it slow releases sugars into the blood stream. I won't change my 5 off this now. Their weight is stable, they are happy and absolutely nothing goes to waste.
17/07/15 | vivienne boardman
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brilliant food for weight loss

this is an excellent diet food for weight loss. and it does work

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