06/01/19 | Petra
: 5/5


My dog has ckd ( chronic kidney disease) she loves this food. It smells nice and she likes it so it must be tasty. She refused to eat the royal canin renal dry food and other brands made her sick but this food doesnt upset her stomach and she has no more diarrhoea.
19/12/18 | Agnieszka Dobrzynska
: 5/5

my dog like the taste

my dog likes the taste of this food , he is on it for the last 6 monthe and it real helped with urinary problems.
03/12/18 | Ellen
: 5/5

S/O food

My dog had problems with sturvite crystals but since being on this food he has now got the all clear. He enjoys this food to.
24/06/18 | Vanessa
: 5/5


My senior dog was diagnosed with pancreatitis and as she also has an intolerance to rice it was very difficult to find a suitable food. She has been on this food for a couple of months now and has found it palatable and the incidences have dramatically decreased. She was suffering an incident about once a week on the Hills I/d and she found the low fat I/d unpalatable.
: 5/5

Royal cain food

My dog says it's very tasty