Transformed my Longhair Calico mixed breed

Have a fussy female who loves all Royal Canin dry food. But this variety for British Shorthair she loves even more than the Maine Coon & Persian & Ragdoll ones she usually yo-yos between. I'm going to permanently change to the British Shorthair variety as it has totally changed the texture of her coat. It's now soft & shiny, not lank, all dry skin gone. She seems livelier & more playful for 15 years old, it has given her a completely new lease of life & she was already very happy and playful

10/24/17 | Marcelo


Is there a way to get this product in 10 kilo bags with a Ziploc seal? It will be great to keep the biscuits crunchy so they won't go stale. Other reviews have mentioned the same so it's time to take some action and mention that to Royal Canin so I do ot have to go somewhere else to get it. At Pets@home they so have the 10 kilo bags for the Persian kitten.