11/11/20 | Aneta

Syberia scratch cat

I have 11old Syberia cat and her furr start to be very bad condition and she start bite her fur she looks very bad and scratch a lot and lost hair now she back to look very good and hair start to grow again

12/04/18 | John Goodman

A good basic vitamin and mineral supplement.

I have used the supplement for one year. The fellini complete is a good basic food supplement but still a bit pricey. I see the 19.3 % calcium carbonate really as a cheap filler, albeit one that is necessary for a healthy cat. I use mainly whole rabbit pheasant and partridge but have to discard organs and bone because of the calcium and vits. I like to maintain a flexible approach including at times organs and spinal chord and or ground eggshell for optimum pet health.

10/20/10 | Lita


Very good product! I've been mixing this with dry food, it works really well! Now my cats seem to have even more energy to run all over the house. I saw the effect right away, amazing. My cats are really happy!