25/06/22 | Jacqu kelly
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Good service

Great prices for specialised breeds.prompt delivery
06/12/18 | Joanne
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Hypoallergenic DR21

My dachshund has an intolerance to chicken. As soon as we switched to the hypoallergenic dry food she stopped being sick, her stools were less smelly and she stopped biting her feet/legs. She’s been on it for about 18 months now, but is now having trouble with her anal glands. So we’ve decided to continue with one feed of the hypoallergenic, but replace a meal with Harrington’s lamb and rice food to see if sorts the problem out.
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Seems to be working so far....

This feed seems to be working so far for our dog. She always licking paws due to some kind of allergy. Vet suggested changing food and recommended this. Seems to be working so far!
28/11/13 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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As I have said before, very good kibble that I have the habit of buying now. The only negative point is that it is dear and I'm never entitled to a small gift like a toy, biscuits or other things that come with other dog food - pity!
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palatable and well tolerated product

My dog ​​suffered from from Leonberg atopic dermatitis for almost 8 months. I changed his diet several times to no avail, then tried the vet's recommendation - Hypoallergenic RC. She usually has little appetite but now eats with pleasure, and it's a relief to no longer fight to make sure she eats something. It is now two weeks since she started eating this food, and itching has decreased.