04/07/23 | Roisin Shanahan
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Specific to Zooplus

Not going to say about dog diet as every dog is different! Specific to Zooplus, Buy 14kg bag every 3-4 weeks, takes 5-6 week days to deliver to Ireland. Exceptional service and quality products.
05/07/22 | Alyona
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Happy Archie !

Fast delivery Good food .
26/06/22 | SEÁN O KEEFFE
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Great product

My Cocker spaniel is on this food since May I can't believe the change in her she had skin problems witch are gone she had loose stools on off she would get us up during the night to let her out for to poo and were very loose all these problems are gone at the moment thank god by the way missy is 10 years old
07/08/20 | Maarja
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If Gastrointestinal is not working any more

Our vet described this food after we found out that RC Gastrointestinal was also causing some stomach problems (mostly diarrhea) and this food fixed them all. Our dog's stomach is very sensitive and this is the only dog food she can eat and we've used it over a year now. The quality of the kibble is so good that even cats want to eat it.
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Very good

My dog staffordshire bull terrier had skin problems but once I started to feed this food I saw big big difference after couple of weeks in his skin.
19/01/19 | Silvana
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The only food an IBS tummy can handle

My now 2 y/o has been on this kibble since 6 months of age. She has a very sensitive stomach - supposedly IBS - but this food does it for her.
11/01/19 | Marco
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Excellent product

Excellent product. I have 4 dogs: 2 rotties, a staffi and a french mastiff X am bulldog (very sensitive, anything wrong he eats his skin turns red and eyes become very irritated). With this product I can feed the same food to every one ... the mastiff X is the worry, but I have been feeding him this food for a could of years now and he has never had any reaction. Also, they all seem to love it and they have never left anything. I also use it as treats during training!
03/12/18 | Jane
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All over goodnesses , sorted both skin and tummy problems out , wouldn’t use anything else for my English pointers
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This product has changed our lives!

We have a 9 month old lab puppy. Every since we got him, we have visited the vets every month for sickness and loose stools. There were other problems too: needing the toilet in the night, hyper behaviour, fidgeting etc. Generally a not very comfortable puppy. We tried different food and we were finally advised to carry out our own food trail. Solely using this Royal Canine food. It has changed him! He has normal stools, no more sickness, he sleeps through the night and is calmer.
18/11/18 | Sue Nicholls
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Excellent food

My 8 year old dog has sadly climbed over the rainbow, he was on this food for 4 years and thoroughly enjoyed it, as a treat stick the kibble weighed food into a ball that they can nibble on or pop one kibble to each ice cube hole fill with water freeze and give to them now and again through the hot days, a sure way to keep you dog hydrated whilst being feed
26/10/18 | Cerys
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Wouldn't recommend anything else.

My two dogs love it. One of my dogs has allergies & bowel disease. I have tried him on different food, but this is the only food that works wonders for him. My other dog is fine to eat other foods, but tends to set off my dogs allergies so she eats the same as him, & everything is fine. I have recommended this food to a number of dog owners who have issues, most have changed over to this one, & they have been very happy with the results. The only issue I f8nd is, the cost, it's gone up!
01/11/17 | Cat
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Great dog food

My dog was diagnosed with sensitive tummy and the vet recommend to try this food before any other investigations.... It's been almost 2 years now and he is still living this food..
01/10/17 | Hannah Davies
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Does exactly what we needed it to

Our chocolate lab has a very sensitive stomach suspected to be an intolerance although we've not yet been able to identify to what. We'd tried almost every sensitive food on the market until we found this. The vet had recommended it to us but the price point had been unattainable - this is nearly half the price than everywhere else! Since she's been eating this food she has been so much happier, has no trouble going to the toilet in the right places!
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We have labs - one has a very sensitive stomach, vet thinks IBS likely. Since changing to this food, we now have no issues and perfect health :-)
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very happy

We have Dog de Bordeaux and he is allergic. I am very happy that I find out about this food. It is very good and my dog's skin condition improved a lot! I am buying this food for over a year and will not switch to anything else!!!
23/05/15 | Ebhin
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1 year on

Kazan is happy little bit fussy.But never itchy and sad looking Shiba inu, white eczema and weepy ayes. Food prescribed by our Vet.
03/05/15 | Luke Webster
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Super food

After being told to use this food by our vet,after our dog was diagnosed with IBD, I must admit I was sceptical about how good it could be after trying many other foods over serveral months to help my dog problem, but it works so well her symptoms ceased in a few days of being on the food and she has been on this food for two years with no further issues or trips to the vets would highly recommend this food to anyone and my dog loves it too which helps.
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Demodex Mites

My 5yr old French Bulldog Lily suffers from Demodex mites to her face due to a low immune system. We have now got this under control but I think the food helps so much. Since we have had her on DR21 she is so much happier in herself. Having a low immune system it is so important that she gets all the nutrients she needs digested quickly into her system and her skin and coat is now in excellent condition. I know this is expensive but it is worth every penny This is the cheapest company I have found and by buying it in bulk it saves so much more money.
18/10/14 | Kath Hawes
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My little dog has a new lease of life!

My 6yr old Lhasa Apso bitch had been suffering from colitis for some months. She was very unhappy, had lost a lot of weight and had repeated courses of antibiotics and steroids from the vets. Eventually my vet suggested the Royal Canin Hypoallergenic food. She has now been on this for a few months and has a new lease of life! I am delighted. Yes, the food is quite expensive, but not as expensive repeated vets bills! Plus my dog is happy again!
17/09/14 | Judith MacBeth
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Following my original review on this food last year, Jenkins is now 3yrs 4mths & still having the same food. I enquired with RC re the pro's and cons of continuing or changing,& recv'd very helpful advice. I also discussed it with our vet at Jenkins' recent annual health check. It is rather a minefield, but eventually I decided to stick with it on the basis of - if it works - why change it!