07/01/18 | Iba Hart
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Oh god, that noise

This toy has a reasonably sturdy pole, an elastic cord, and a cute little plush mouse. The slightest movement causes it to make a shrill EE-EE-EE-EE-EE noise. You cannot turn this off. My two cats love it - they get very excited by the squeaking and it's a definite improvement over silent toys. It is currently wrapped in a scrap of furry fabric and stuffed into the cat-toy-drawer. It goes off when I walk past. Buy it if you hate peace, quiet, and the people you live with.
13/12/16 | ChloeC
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Good and bad

Pros: - Cat bloody loves it. - Will play with it for absolutely ages, favourite toy. Cons: - Squeaks every time you move it, so if you plan to 'hide it' when playtime is over (which I would recommend, for the cat's safety) you need to put it in a different room where the cat doesn't go and you're not going to accidentally knock it. Otherwise the cat WILL find it. And she WILL steal it. - Feathers were gone after about 1-2 weeks. - Squeaker is about to fall out after a month/ish
06/02/09 | Amy~ Louise Day (14)
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Review of Shadow's Mouse toy

My cat (Shadow)loves this toy! he went into the box where I'd hidden it & unwrapped it before I gave it to him. He loves the "wiggly-ness" & the squeak. The only probolem with it is that he bit holes in the stick & ruined the elastic only a couple of days after he got it, Otherwise, a great toy & I would still reccomend it.
29/01/09 | George Nash
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Brilliant but no sound :-(

This arrived last night and our kitten immediately went crazy for it! The sound was a bit annoying but he seemed to love it! Unfortunately, when i got it out this morning, there wasn't a sound to be heard from the mouse. It doesn't seem to have dampered his enthusiasm for it though although I'm a bit disappointed it broke so quickly.
31/10/06 | Julia
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I forgot this toy was meant to squeak, i pulled the little tag that said PULL, and now i cant put it back in! The cats love it though as it sounds like a litte tiny bird. Well i think my cat likes it, he hisses and growls at it! Its quite amusing for me to watch him get so worked up over a little mouse! The feather tail is still on. Just wish i could stop it from sqeaking sometimes!
12/06/06 | Barbara
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Real squeaks

This mouse squeaks really nicely and for ages, it needs no batteries and the cats love it, but the feathers came off its tail within half an hour.