25/06/22 | Georgina Moloney
: 5/5

Ideal for single cat household….

This toy is superb for a single cat household … It is beautifully made, works perfectly each and every time. Our cat loves it- so do our 4 dogs, no one leaves it alone for a minute, it squeaks constantly sending each pet into paroxysms of joy, each one competing to see who will make us go crazy first. It now resides in the cupboard- we even tried leaving the plastic tab in (safely)so there is no noise but they still love it and the noise is replaced with loud barking and mews.
04/02/22 | Sendija
: 5/5

Love it

My cats are loving it ! Will order again next time ! :)
27/02/21 | Isabel
: 5/5

Great toy

My Yoda absolutely love this toy and it’s hard to get her attention. I think it’s mostly thanks to the sound effects. Definitely great buy. Fast delivery with zooplus, great service as always.
02/01/21 | Amalia
: 5/5

My cats loved it

Excellent quality. My younger ones can't stop playing with it. The sound attracts them even more.
: 5/5

My kittens love it❤️

Both of my kittens cant stop playing with it ❤️
24/03/18 | Aggie
: 5/5

cat loves it

my 12 year old cat loves it
17/03/18 | Emily
: 5/5

My cats favourite ever toy!

My cats love this toy. I prefer it being on a long plastic stic as I can launch it like a fishing rod and they go crazy. I also like that it makes as a noise as this adds to the excitement of the chase. Lastly it’s on elastic not string so bounces around easily. Highly recommend and absolute bargain price for a quality toy.
25/01/18 | Shirley Swaine
: 5/5

Best toy yet

The squeaky noise of this toy, annoying as it may be to human ears, has hit the right rodent pitch for cats as I've experienced something I can't recall in over 40 years of having cats i.e. a cat growling possessively over a toy it has 'caught'. Only ever seen growling over genuine prey. The cats absolutely love this.
14/11/17 | Jen Kirby
: 5/5

My cat loves this

My cat loves this toy. Unfortunately, so does the dog! The poor cat has to play with a relatively boring toy while we train the dog to sit in the corner when we play. The cat is quite good at training the dog.
08/03/17 | Lou wood
: 5/5

Hours of fun

My cat loves it. He's only got to hear it he goes mad for it. For price it's a bargain
06/02/17 | Mog
: 5/5

Mog Entertainment

4 out of my 5 cats love this (this 5th considers himself too mature to particularly play with any toys). The 4 react to it more than catnip and gather around to try soon as it comes out for play. Once its worn out I'd most definitely buy another.
14/07/16 | WebbyWench
: 5/5

Such entertainment!

As soon as I released the plastic tab to activate the mouse, it squeaked and my cats immediately reacted to it. Such fun ... they simply love it! Endless hours of play. Well worth the buy.
: 5/5

Great fun!

Our cat absolutely loves this toy - it's so funny to watch. Unfortunately the feathers are on their way out but still worth it for the joy this toy has given all of us!
03/05/15 | Steve Smith
: 5/5

wonderful find.

Bought a couple of packs of these sound mice & my Turkish Van cross went mad over them and wouldn't leave them alone so I've left them all over the house to stop her being bored whilst I'm away. Incredible buy.
24/01/15 | xinzhu
: 5/5

last a long time

bought this 6 months ago and my little wee devil plays it every day still last. very impressive
09/11/14 | AMANDA
: 5/5

Fantastic Toy My Cats Go Crazy For It !

My 2 rescue cats love this toy and as soon as they hear it squeak they come running to play with it even if they are in a different room.It sounds very realistic and my cats go crazy for it. It,s the best toy i,ve ever bought for them.
06/11/14 | Amandatailtidy
: 5/5

My Cats Go Nuts For This Toy !

Both my boys go crazy for this toy and it,s one of the best products i,ve ever bought!. The squeak must be very realistic as they go nuts as soon as i start to play with it;even if my cats are in another room they can hear the squeak and they both rush to play with it. They pass it to each other and love when i hide it under the sofa throw,cushions,etc. Fantastic toy which i recommend as do my cats:0)
29/06/14 | Donna
: 5/5

Amazing chirp!

The bird-like chirp this mouse toy makes is my kittens' favourite noise! The moment they hear it they both come running and, once captured, both of them will try to drag the whole rod under the bed to kill in private without the other noticing.
28/04/14 | Etain
: 5/5


I got one of these for my two cats and they adore it. Or I should say they adore killing it! The squeak really gets their attention and they enjoy stalking it. We all have great fun with it and its brilliant value.
30/09/13 | Hanna
: 5/5

My cat loves this!

I got the 3 in one pack in case it breaks. My cat was a bit scared of this for the first 2 hours but then he started to play with this and now he loves it! I actually had to put all three mice in different locations cuz he absolutely goes crazy over them! The sound from the mouse is quite nice and cute and he loves to cuddle the mouse and chew on it and play with the feather as well. A great little buy! The only thing is the pole is a bit short - it would be nice to have it longer.