15/05/20 | Elaine Tobin
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7month old cockerpoo

Bought this for my cockerpoo as his first 'Dog Intelligence Toy'. After about 4 attempts he understood the concept of the game. He loves this toy. It really helps to tire him! Great purchase!
02/08/17 | Mira
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Easy but dog loves it

Took my pup about 30 seconds to get the treats out but he still loves it. It's not as challenging as some of the other puzzle toys we have, but this one is his favourite. Added bonus is that he slows down when eating his food. Would recommend this as it's great value for two puzzles.
16/06/17 | Franki
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Fun toy

My staffie x spaniel loves this toy. She knows how to find the treats, but still loves to play it. She would destroy it if we just left it out, so we put it away in between games. Good if she hasn't felt challenged enough in the day for tiring her little brain a bit!
07/01/17 | Liva
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Fantastic Doggy training

My Dobermans absolutely love this game. You are buying two in one as the games are completely different using both sides of the board. What a great idea! The product is sturdy and very safe. Will guarantee lots of game times for my dogs. Thank you.
18/06/15 | Bev
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Doggy Brain Train 2-in-1 Dog Intelligence Toy

My German Shepherd had this toy for a total of 2yrs before her teeth brought an end to it. She enjoyed the tasks and and I have to say she was too intelligent for it. It was too easy for her but she loved playing it again and again. She used her paws to slide the pieces of wood and her nose. And knocked over the egg cups to get the treats. I left my dog alone on one occasion and that is all it took for her to destroy the toy. Always supervise your dog and never leave them alone with this game.
15/04/15 | Stuart Firth
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Great Value

Bought for our young Patterdale, she mastered both sides in a few days but she absolutely loves it - insists on having a go every morning before breakfast! Fantastic value for 2 puzzles, with quick delivery
15/02/15 | Michelle Powell
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Great Fun!

Bought this for our GSD pup, he loves it! even if it did take him two seconds to work out! it's well worth the money just to see how much fun he had with it.
15/02/15 | Michelle Powell
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Good fun!

My german shepherd pup loves this! even if it did take him two seconds to figure it out... I like that you can use it in two ways, Well worth the money just for the joy of seeing my puppy play
11/12/14 | Karen
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Great for bored dog

We bought a few Intelligence toys because our lively boxer had an operation on his cruciate and was housebound for weeks and very bored. Even though he worked them out quickly he loves doing them - or is that just because of the cheese and treats he finds!
17/10/13 | Jean Jackson
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Fantastic, Hugo loves it!

Bought this for my miniature schnauzer's first birthday this week, he just loves it! In fact he was barking at it today to use it for his breakfast!! What a fun way to have your daily intake!! Great value for money, we will have this for a long time!
18/01/13 | Emmanuelle
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Melian, my 3 year old Lurcher, and Viggo, my 3 month old Bearded Collie, already had two brain training games. However none of them were teaching them to use their mouths. With this one they had no option but to pick up the wood cylinders which fit snuggly in the holes with their mouths as using their paws did not work or at least it took too much frantic effort to get them out. I had to do 2 or 3 demonstrations, picking up the cylinders with my mouth, and that was it, they got the hint; Melian carefully picks up the cylinders with her mouth and deposite them gently on the floor; Viggo grabs the cylinders with his mouth and throws them away.
27/12/12 | Beverley
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Bored Jack russell

My Jack Russell hates the normal dog toys, she was always bored until I purchased for Christmas this amazing intelligence toy. She hasnt left it alone and her tail wags constantly while finding the treats. Great toy, would recommend this to all dog owners.
28/11/12 | Heidi
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Great toy

We just got this today, meant to be for christmas but i couldn't wait. My Jack Russell loves it and got the hang of it quickly, i'm now going to try to teach him to put the little wooden cups in a tub when he takes them out. No interest from our lab though, lol.
07/09/12 | Debs
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Pot luck

I have a border collie and a Labrador. The birdie collies loves it. Clearly enjoys working both games out. The Labrador isn't interested! Worth a try.
03/07/12 | Sarah Gough
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I didn't realise my dog was so clever! ;0)

I bought this for Wellington's birthday (he's a Westie) and he loved it. First time we got it out I used small pieces of dried liver because they smell strongly and he soon got the hang of the "hats" game. The slider game is supposed to be for "clever dogs" and a "more advanced level" so I thought I might be pushing my luck to try that one too. However, good sense went out the window and the dried liver was put under the sliders. Wellington soon worked out how to get to those too. I'm such a proud mummy now!!! Haha! The only minor minus point would be that Wellignton uses his nose to slide the pieces as opposed to his feet (as shown on the box) and we therefore had quite a soggy board by the end of our play session. I'm wondering how long the wooden board will last before it all gets a bit eeeuuuuwww!? When we put the game away, I left it out in the lounge and he kept going back to it and nudging it until I eventually had to put it away somewhere. He obviously enjoyed it! Definitely a great buy compared to the prices of other doggy brain training games, some of which have less to them.
31/12/11 | Anita
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Fab toy

My Havanese dog loves this game. I was quite surprised how quickly he understood what to do, and now can't wait to play the game. We love playing this game together and it's lovely to see how much he enjoys it.
21/10/11 | Lorraine
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Excellent game for my Lab

My black lab loves this game. I love seeing how excited she gets everytime she sees this game. Its almost like a party trick when people come around, its amazing to see how quick she was to pick up the general idea and how quick she can complete the exercise. I love this product, it is just fantastic
30/09/10 | Agnes
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Great for puppy!!

I bought this game for my 4 months Shih tzu. I am preparing it in the morning before work so he have something to do when I am not in, so he can earn his extra food;)He so used to it now that is checking it so often just in case that some taste bits was putted again. For puppy grate fun!!And you can first use one side than another without wooden blocks and then with the additional blocks on the slide board part. Would not advice for 'grown ups'as it could be to easy game but for pups brilliant;)
29/11/09 | Horus' mum
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Very enjoyable for people and dogs

Much better value than most other brain games because you get 2 games. Even when they have worked out how to play the games, you can use it to reinforce other training such as stays/leave it/send away etc. and self control. The cups are quite close fitting and deep so the dog has to lift them out, if they try to paw them they get stuck. The sliders occasionally get stuck when they are wet with slobber, but I think that just adds to the game! Really enjoy this, as does my dog and it is a great way for new people to engage with him and build trust.
28/12/08 | Helen Verity
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FANTASTIC .. Best Toy I have got for my Papillon !

I bought this for my Papillon this Christmas and can highly recomend it for those dogs who like to be doing things, like finding games, hunting for treats and love food. Not suitable for dogs that like to sit and chew as its made from chipboard and would spoil if left alone to chew. A game for you to play WITH your dog ... Both the 2 games have kept my dog occupied for hours and its the only system where you get 2 games for the price of one !! It took my Papillon about 10mins to learn how to do it and he keeps banging on the box wanting to play it again and again .... It kept our whole house including visitors occupied as its fascinating to watch them with it. I couldnt afford the Ottoson one so gambled on this one and its superb and just as good. They really challenge your dog and make them think - superb for wet weather days. Small treats needed or break up large ones into bits to hide. Very dog friendly and wont hurt pawing noses or feet. I have to say its the best toy i have ever bought my dog and suits him perfectly.